Getting a group of young kids interested in a topic such as renewable energy can be a daunting task. Even adults find it a less enjoyable discussion.

Finding exciting ways to introduce this topic to kids becomes a job, as you don’t want to lose their attention in teaching.

How to Introduce Renewable Energy to Kids

As boring as the topic ‘renewable energy’ may be to kids, there are many fun and innovative ways to introduce it to your young students. Use your laminator and hand out some laminated A3 renewable energy posters, use smart gadgets such as tablets, computers, and even online resources like YouTube videos that can get them hooked.

As you well know, these young kids will be future leaders of tomorrow, and you must find an exciting way to introduce them to the concept of protecting their environment as early as possible.

Catching your young ones yawning and looking on with sleepy eyes while you talk about this topic can be an embarrassing situation. No teacher would be happy with that; how to spike up their interest would be the objective.

Want to teach your kids the whole process of pollution, recycling, and energy sustainability? You need more than just classroom resources.

Here are 6 tips that would help you get your students excited to learn about renewable energy:

1. Teach Smart

Kids nowadays are tech-savvy, so why not use that to your advantage? There are a variety of online resources to help you get your students interested in renewable energy and understanding the concept.

Now visual learning is a thing. Make use of smart gadgets and technology to teach your students. Get them to watch YouTube videos and other animations that explain what renewable energy is all about and how it can be conserved.

All you have to do is think, and the Internet provides you with all the information you need.

2. Create DIY Projects

Perhaps one of the best ways to get your students interested in renewable energy is to create engaging DIY projects.

Kids are by nature curious, and activities such as these projects will provide an opportunity for them to participate in energy sustainability.

You can get them to create a wind turbine, purify water, get fire from dead leaves, plant a garden, create a mini water wheel, and so much more. Take-home assignments are also a great way to keep them engaged at almost all times.

3. Go on Field Trips

Kids love to be outdoors. Tweak this to your advantage by taking them out to renewable energy plants. Places like this offer tours and easy explanations for kids on the concept of renewable energy. It is more engaging, and these kids get first-hand knowledge from these experts, making your job much easier. You can choose to organize games and other outdoor activities while on this trip. It shouldn’t only make them excited, but it should also include the topic theme.

4. Be a Great Example

When it comes to renewable learning through observation, no one does it better than kids. If you want to get your students interested in renewable energy, how you as an adult/teacher conserve and sustain energy is essential.

Personally encouraging the use of solar panels, growing plants around the school can help your students realize the importance of renewable energy. By observing your dedication to energy conservation, they will, in turn, emulate you.

5. Create Exciting Weekly Themes

You might have gotten your students interested in renewable energy for the moment, but how long can you sustain that? Creating exciting weekly themes is a sure way to keep that excitement going and have your kids looking forward to the next class on renewable energy.

You can do this by appropriating a theme for a week, using the types of renewable energy. For example, this week could be centered on solar thermal; next week could be themed around Hydro, next about wind energy, and so on.

6. Friendly Advice

The key to getting kids interested in the topic of renewable energy is to make the whole teaching process engaging and exciting and try as much as possible to deliver it in an age-appropriate manner. Introducing renewable energy to kids can be fun and yield a positive result if done in a fun and attention-grabbing way.

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