When it comes to providing substantial and quality education and training on energy efficiency, and renewable power sources, Adapted Learning with Renewables is at the forefront.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Adapted Learning with Renewables was founded several years ago and has grown to be among the top international advocates and educators on renewables. We now have thousands of participants from various countries all over the world that enrolled in our courses and are now certified consultants, and professionals.

Our programs seek to promote the development of sustainable and efficient methods of energy procurement and consumption. We aim to supply the necessary knowledge to support and reinforce industries institutions, and legislative bodies that share the same goal.

Through our courses, seminars, training, and summits, we discuss the basics and delve into the technicalities of a variety of essential topics. You can expect topics like Photovoltaic, Solar-thermal and geothermal power sources, Wind and Hydropower sources, Power System Planning, and many more.

We also provide both face-to-face and online training that are tailor-made for a specific career focus, as a way to adapt to the demands of the changing times. This is all geared towards the goal of green energy market development and institutional and industrial integration, employing energy efficiency.

While we at the Adapted Learning with Renewables offer our services to any interested party, our primary focus is on project developers, system integrators, investors, public sector ministries, local regulators, energy agencies, and development organizations. Basically, we aim to connect and educate those who can make the transition happen.

We believe that, together, we can achieve more without depleting our planet from non-renewable sources of energy. By utilizing cost-effective energy technologies that are self-sufficient, eco-friendly, and fueled by renewables, we can see a better life ahead of us and a longer life for our planet.

If you are interested in our courses, or if you want to know more, contact us today.