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6 Tips to Getting Kids Interested in Renewable Energy

Getting a group of young kids interested in a topic such as renewable energy can be a daunting task. Even adults find it a less enjoyable discussion.
Finding exciting ways to introduce this topic to kids becomes a job, as you don’t want to lose their attention in teaching.
How to Introduce Renewable Energy to Kids
As boring as the topic ‘renewable energy’ may be to kids, there are many fun and innovative ways to introduce it to your young students. Use your laminator and hand out some laminated A3 renewable energy posters…

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Solar-Powered Refrigerators Keep Vaccines Cool in Africa

There’s no denying that there is an energy crisis in Africa. The challenge may not be on building the systems but on the state of politics in African nations. Most homes are not connected to the electricity grid and this is no exception for healthcare facilities. This is becoming a problem especially in the storage and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
Fortunately, this may come to an end with the application of solar power refrigeration. Read on to know how the fishing communities in Sub-Saharan African are benefiting from Koolbooks freezers and how these solar …