Adapted Learning with Renewables provides its students with Training on wind power. Whether you want to enhance your career in wind power technology or you want to access wind power technology, our training will be customized to suit your needs. 

After completing the training by Adapted Learning with Renewables, you will be more knowledgeable in the topic of Wind Energy. You will also be able to do the following:

  • Do a SWOT analysis of sites to assess resources and compatibility to the available technology
  • Calculate the size of systems and the estimated yield of energy when given parameters
  • Explain the principles and the functioning of the technology in connection to the systems
  • Correct errors and faults in Wind Power derived systems upon detection

Upon the completion of the online and the practical training, students are awarded the Adapted Learning with Renewables Certificate. Students are then recommended to proceed to specialization courses, which can either be a certification as a Renewable Energy Project Developer, with a particular focus on Photovoltaic and Biogas derived systems.

Course content:

Wind Power training under Adapted Learning with Renewables entails the application of renewable energy harvested from the wind. Students are given the fundamentals of the available technologies in renewable energy markets, and how they can impact the communities at large.

Generally, the course outline will initially focus on the following:

  • Wind as a viable and renewable energy resource
  • Basics of Wind Power and its Physicalities
  • Elements of Turbine systems
  • Calculation of energy yield in Wind power systems
  • Steps in planning and putting up a wind farm

In addition to these, all students and participants of this course are also allowed access to the introductory courses on Basic Energy and Electricity. It should also be noted that these supplemental short courses are not mandatory, thus they will not be included in the assessments and examinations.

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