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MBA Renewables Learning Programs

Adapted Learning with Renewables provides international MBA learning programs focusing on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through distance and online learning methods. This education was first provided by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin back in 2011. 
Now, we offer online modules that can be studied according to your availability, given that all requirements should be accomplished within 2.5 years. By joining the program, you will meet other professionals across the world and you will have the opportunity to improve your career …


Optimal Learning with Tailor-Made Training

Markets for Green Energy are complex and hybrid. Nonetheless, these markets are growing at a fast rate to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for sustainable energy. In this case, these companies and organizations are reinforcing their workforce with adequate professional and technical knowledge about the industry. 
This also urges other sectors like the administrative and financial institutions to obtain the necessary skill set and data for them to retain their overview of the community and the market.
Adapted …

News Training

Solar-Powered Refrigerators Keep Vaccines Cool in Africa

There’s no denying that there is an energy crisis in Africa. The challenge may not be on building the systems but on the state of politics in African nations. Most homes are not connected to the electricity grid and this is no exception for healthcare facilities. This is becoming a problem especially in the storage and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
Fortunately, this may come to an end with the application of solar power refrigeration. Read on to know how the fishing communities in Sub-Saharan African are benefiting from Koolbooks freezers and how these solar components can be used to store vaccines.
Introducing “…


Maximize Opportunities with Ready-made Training

Adapted Learning with Renewables is among the leading providers of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) Training and courses worldwide. We offer these services in different format variations to suit every learning need and preference. Our training is also designed for both beginners in the field and professionals seeking a specialization.
Face-to-face Training
These sessions are situated in our training center in Berlin and it integrates exceptional RE & EE learning at the core of the interactions. We introduce our …


Potential in Global Production Engineering (GPE)

Global Production Engineering is a two-year international Master of Science academic program that was first offered under the Technische Universität in Berlin, Germany.
GPE is a supplementary course that is designed to cater to the learning needs of outstanding students interested in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. It allows its participants to reinforce their knowledge in systems production, management, engineering, as well as to enhance their awareness of new …