Adapted Learning with Renewables provides international MBA learning programs focusing on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through distance and online learning methods. This education was first provided by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin back in 2011. 

Now, we offer online modules that can be studied according to your availability, given that all requirements should be accomplished within 2.5 years. By joining the program, you will meet other professionals across the world and you will have the opportunity to improve your career prospects. This course is concluded with a Master’s thesis.

Why Pursue MBA Renewables

There are many reasons why pursuing MBA Renewables is a path that opens to more career opportunities in the venture of RE & EE. Alongside the rationale is a plethora of benefits, namely the following:

Interdisciplinary Learning

The MBA Renewables syllabus includes multiple disciplines that allow students to foster a variety of skill sets for 2.5 years. It also adequately prepares the students for a flourishing career in a fast-paced renewable energy market.

International Exposure

The distance learning format of this course allows students from all over the world to learn from experts. MBA Renewables students reside and work in over 50 different countries.


Students taking the MBA Renewables are allowed ample flexible time to work on their output within their availability. This provides room for other affiliations like work, hobbies, and family. This also means that participants of the course can study anytime, anywhere, provided that they can comply with the requirements.

Practical involvement

The course requires the students to take 2 weeks in doing practical exercises, networking activities, and excursions designed to enhance learning. This set-up is also used to encourage community building and networking within the study group or class.

High Expertise

Adapted Learning with Renewables is an expert when it comes to training for renewable energies and energy efficiency. We have high expertise in this niche and we act as a bridge between the students and the industry. 

Target Demographic

The MBA Renewables course is open to all graduates from different academic fields of study. The study program by Adapted Learning with Renewables was developed to aid professionals who are interested in going for managerial positions in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. We offer this opportunity to any interested professionals with a minimum of 2 years’ worth of working experience.

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