Connecting for a Clean and Green Africa

Communities borne from the activities and seminars held by Adapted Learning with Renewables are now creating a network that can help push the initiative of clean and green energy use in Africa. Currently referred to as the Alumni Network for Africa, we have professionals and advocates alike devoting themselves to the cause. A series of online training and mentoring sessions are done for a few weeks as part of the movement to educate African participants about the potential of energy when derived from renewable sources. This platform has led to an effective exchange of ideas and solutions to the power crisis in the continent.

Mitigating Climate Change 2.0: Capacity Building and Training on Renewable Energy

Given that the approach to climate change for the past decade had proven to be ineffective, Adapted Learning with Renewables launched this new campaign as a preparation for the new Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technology that is coming our way. 

We believe that without awareness of the theories, and without the know-how in utilizing these technologies, our battle against climate change will once again be futile. Capacity building and training are done to prepare the public and the experts for this innovation. 

In addition to this, legislative bodies are also informed of the benefits of adopting this technology. So, we can expect a favorable change in governmental policies in countries like Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa.

Dialogue on Energy

As Germany grows confident in securing an energy transition into renewable energy sources, other institutions are on standby but are ready to support this launch. The BMWi, or the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, has been keen on establishing connections and networks with other countries in the world. This is an attempt to encourage cooperation as we all transition into a new energy source.

By fostering this alliance, the institution doesn’t only ensure the participation and support of their partnering countries. This expands the market and entices more investors and fund managers to pitch in their shares. While this dialogue may range from informal discussions to formal meetings, the members of this round table are increasing as more people share their perspectives on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Green for Energy and Finance: A Scholarship Program

To further promote literacy and awareness on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, the German International Climate Initiative partnered with Adapted Learning with Renewables in our scholarship program that was made available to all interested professionals. 

In this program, participants are given a free three-year training and capacity building, which not only focuses on green energy but also on how energy efficiency can benefit finance and business. 

A few partner countries included Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The participants are invited after a thorough evaluation of applications. Through this venture, the company was able to reach out to third-world countries and offer them hope and knowledge.