In line with our goal to promote the development of green energy use in various markets, industries and institutions, we also offer training, seminars, and services to particular groups in focus or target groups. We believe that these are the members of society that are integral to the change we want to achieve. They can make use of the knowledge we provide to their respective fields.

Administrative institutions

These officials and administrative powers can set the political framework for green energy use and market regulation of non-renewable energy sources. We aim to let some policy-makers in on this process of change.

Financial Institutions

While we have the tools to encourage and educate, this movement will require the contributions of investors, fund managers, and other financial institutions. The capital acquired from these sectors will be invested in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) projects.

Operation and Maintenance Professionals

Alongside the development of the technologies, we need to supply the job market in operations and maintenance with highly skilled and competent professionals. This can be done through face-to-face and online RE & EE Training.

Energy Specialists, Engineers, and Consultants

Through summits and seminars, we can educate and also learn from the top specialists in the field of RE & EE. We provide a platform for experts to discuss better ways to develop these technologies and enhance methods in harvesting from renewable sources.

Public Sector

The masses comprise a large part of any movement, so the mere awareness of the people can significantly contribute to the promotion of green energy use. We provide free yet substantial information through our platforms, so we can connect with a bigger audience, through schools, community organizations, and the internet.