Markets for Green Energy are complex and hybrid. Nonetheless, these markets are growing at a fast rate to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for sustainable energy. In this case, these companies and organizations are reinforcing their workforce with adequate professional and technical knowledge about the industry. 

This also urges other sectors like the administrative and financial institutions to obtain the necessary skill set and data for them to retain their overview of the community and the market.

Adapted Learning with Renewables provides support and assistance to the sectors dedicated to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through training that is up-to-date, effective, and adaptive to the current demands. We have devised these tailor-made programs to address the specific needs of particular companies. 

We ensure that the methods and education approach led by our specialized trainers only provides comprehensive information and learning materials for eventual implementation. We also discuss the essential theories of the field and the various solutions tested over time.

In addition to all that, all training participants are subjected to a flexible learning period where they can adjust their schedules according to their availability. This means that both the depth and the duration of this training can be altered as requested. These Training may also be redefined to specifically suit a market of employees or an institution, as a service that guarantees exclusivity and convenience.

This tailor-made training is officially certified and approved by the CODL or Central Office for Distance Learning. Students who accomplish and pass these training courses are awarded university degrees as a supplement for any green energy market opening or RE & EE-related career opportunity. 

Benefits of Learning with Adapted Learning with Renewables:

  • Professional lectures with in-depth practical experience
  • Expertise in the implementation of technology and in developing markets
  • Exceptional practical content
  • Combination of both technical and non-technical skills
  • Combination of training methodologies

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