Clean water is often difficult to come by, and consuming impure water can seriously affect our health. Solar water distillation is a water purification process that uses sunlight rays to produce fresh water and remove contaminants and other impurities.

Here are five benefits of the Solar Water Distillation System.

1. Solar Water Distillation Is Safe

Using solar water distillers or stills works quite efficiently in providing distilled water safe to drink. With the solar water distillation process, you use solar energy to capture contaminants and produce cleaner water. The contaminated water absorbs heat from sunlight, leading to an increase in temperature, and it then evaporates into vapors, leaving the contaminants behind. The water produced from solar water distillation is much safer and reduces health risks associated with consuming contaminated water.

2. It is Eco-friendly

If you’re ever in need of an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable way of purifying water, then think of solar water distillation. It uses natural and free renewable energy from the sun to purify water. Water gotten from the solar water distillation process is less corrosive than what you’d get from a tap.

It is free from chemicals like chlorine or other materials that are existent in the water due to the use of water purifying agents. This, in turn, helps reduce global warming and the ever-increasing water crisis being faced all over the world.

3. It is an Affordable and Low Cost-effective System

One benefit of using the solar water distillation process is that solar water distillers are very cheap to construct and maintain. Regardless of the size and purpose of its construction, solar water distillation is a better solution for purifying water. It doesn’t run on electricity or other forms of fuel, which would surely hike energy costs.

Solar water distillation systems also require little effort to maintain since there are no moving parts that require daily cleaning or maintenance. This is very useful, especially in small and remote communities with very little access to freshwater.

4. It Can Be Used for Any Purpose

Whether for household or commercial use, the solar water distillation system is great for treating water. It doesn’t require some professional skill or knowledge to carry out the process, neither is it reserved for specific purposes. This process is generally useful for any purpose that requires using freshwater.

5. It Balances Water PH Levels

Regardless of the source of water, distilled water gotten from solar water distillers maintains their PH levels. Normally, an increasing heat temperature on the water being purified should result in a pH change. However, that’s different when it comes to solar water distillation. From the cleansing to the transferring process, the PH level of the water remains unchanged.

In the video below, you will see how to make a simple DIY solar water distiller:

The truth is, water is a fundamental part of living, and everyone should have access to clean water. The solar water distillation process makes this possible, especially for remote communities, so that they can have a fresh water source.

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