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Natural Solutions: Protected Areas Helping People Cope with Climate Change


This report provides an exhaustive overview of the literature regarding the role protected areas play in reducing emissions from land use change, and sustaining ecosystem services that will be vital to reducing the vulnerability of humans to climate change. Section 3, Adaptation – The role of protected areas, looks at reducing the impacts of natural disasters, safeguarding water, addressing health issues and biodiversity conservation and maintaining ecosystem resilience.

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New indicators of vulnerability and adaptive capacity - Technical Report 7


There is an increasing need to develop indicators of vulnerability and of adaptive
capacity both to determine the robustness of response strategies over time and to
understand better the underlying processes. The climate change policy process has
increasingly focussed on the potential for adaptation. National level indicators of
vulnerability or adaptive capacity directed towards the allocation of resources to support
financial mechanisms of the UNFCCC, for example, will only find acceptance if based