Climate Proofing: A Risk-based Approach to Adaptation

The studies are designed to assist Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMCs) to enhance their adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change and variability, including extreme events. The Climate Change Adaptation through Integrated Risk Reduction (CCAIRR) framework and methodology have been used to demonstrate a risk-based approach to adaptation and the mainstreaming of adaptation through risk assessment, adaptation planning, and policy development, by climate proofing infrastructure, and through community and other development initiatives.

Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: Scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges

The Arctic is undergoing rapid and dramatic environmental and social transformations due to climate change. This has ramifications for the entire planet, as change spreads through interconnected global networks that are environmental, cultural, economic and political. Today, with the major thrust of research shifting away from deciphering causes and monitoring trends, the central preoccupation of a growing circle of actors has become the exploration of strategies for responding and adapting to climate change.