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  • Leading Organization:
    Fiji Meteorological Services (FMS)
    National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
    World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)
    Implementing Agency and Partnering Organizations:
    World Meteorological Organisation (WMO); WHYCOS Programme; Fiji Meteorological Services (FMS); National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA); National Hydrological Services (NHS); National Meteorological Services (NMS)

    Water resources available in small island developing states are vulnerable to climate extremes and population pressures. Pacific island countries have limited alternate options and only relatively small and finite water resources available to meet increasing water demands. Knowledge on how rivers, aquifers and rainwater harvesting respond to increased demands and climate variability is crucial to ensuring sustainable and productive water resources. The Pacific HYCOS Project is designed to assist the water agencies in 14 Pacific island countries further develop their knowledge and understanding by strengthening their resources and technical capacity to collect hydrological data and carry out water resource monitoring. It will achieve this by providing the necessary in country and hands on training to the relevant water agency staff and with new equipment and technology provided to them as part of this project. The hydrological equipment and training will support the water agencies in the sustainable collection of hydrological data, archived in a functional database facilitating access, analysis and interpretation of the datasets for improved understanding. This information and improved understanding will allow the water resource managers, decision makers and the community to make improved decisions on the long term sustainable development of their groundwater and surface water resources Pacific HYCOS will focus on six main objectives:

    1. Water resources assessment in major rivers

    2. Groundwater monitoring and assessment

    3. Water quality monitoring and assessment

    4. Water resources databases

    5. Flood forecasting capability

    6. Drought forecasting

    Project Components:

    1. Flood forecasting capability - to develop and implement a methodology for flood forecasting in selected critical catchments 2. Water resources assessment in major rivers - Countries with significant surface water resources have in place a network of near-real time hydrological observing stations and the capability to securely archive incoming data 3. Water resources databases - countries have secure national hydrological databases, meet data quality standards, & have the capability to maintain them & generate information products to meet users’ needs. 4. Drought forecasting - to develop and implement a common approach to drought forecasting in participating countries 5. Groundwater monitoring and assessment - to establish in Countries a basic capability in monitoring and assessment of groundwater resources. 6. Water quality monitoring and assessment - to establish in Countries a basic capability in monitoring and assessment of water quality and chemistry 7. Project management - to have Project management systems in place and implemented


    SOPAC Contact:
    Lloyd Smith
    Email: lloyd@sopac.org

    EU Contact:
    Annick Villarosa
    Email: annick.villarosa@ec.europa.eu

    Project Status:
    Completed, 2010
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    Funding Source:
    European Union (EU)
    Cofinancing Total:
    Total Amounts:
    € 2,300,000
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