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UNFCCC Headlines: Was Climate Week successful?   UNFCCC Headlines: The audacious optimism of Climate Week   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean Transportation Is Driving Us Toward a Low-Carbon Future   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors asked to reveal climate risk strategies   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Is Driving Heat Waves Around The World: Report   UNFCCC Headlines: China Sets Coal Consumption Standards For Power Plants   UNFCCC Headlines: US carbon emissions from energy use increase   UNFCCC Headlines: IEA: Solar could be largest power source by 2050   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru climate summit to draft global climate business plan for next thirty to fifty years, says UN climate chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil majors target King Coal in fight for climate high ground   UNFCCC Headlines: Why climate change policy won’t hinge on international talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Homeland Security Joins Push To Tackle Climate Change Risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change offers 'opportunity,' EPA says   UNFCCC Headlines: Fighting Climate Change and Capitalism at the Same Time   UNFCCC Headlines: New York summit: what it means for climate treaty prospects   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru ratifies Kyoto Protocol extension to 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors worth US$2trn back green bonds at NY Climate Week   UNFCCC Headlines: Indian court cancels coal mining licences in corruption crackdown   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Energy Boom In Texas Approaching? Looks Likely, According To Analysts   UNFCCC Headlines: China Says Build More Solar Now   UNFCCC Headlines: The Benefits of Easing Climate Change (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Give people worst-hit by climate change a voice - activists   UNFCCC Headlines: EU agrees to €5bn carbon permit giveaway   UNFCCC Headlines: California, Quebec want to expand carbon trading system   UNFCCC Headlines: Business to Play a Key Role on Carbon Pricing (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Land policy changes would sequester more carbon and conserve habitat   UNFCCC Headlines: Emissions From India Will Increase, Official Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Switch to Natural Gas Won't Reduce Carbon Emissions Much, Study Finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon emission data not the whole story (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Switzerland to help India cut down greenhouse emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change summit: world leaders told to 'step up ambition'   UNFCCC Headlines: Companies Are Taking the Baton in Climate Change Efforts   UNFCCC Headlines: Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN: 'Climate change is not hysteria – it's a fact'   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban hails ‘bold’ announcements on tackling climate change as historic UN summit closes   UNFCCC Headlines: Flooding Risk From Climate Change, Country by Country   UNFCCC Headlines: France promises $1bn for climate change fund at UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate summit: China pledges emissions action   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate summit pledges to halt the loss of natural forests by 2030   UNFCCC Headlines: Global climate change expert 'optimistic' that world can curb global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Mayors at UN climate summit announce pledges towards major carbon cuts in cities   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change called public health threat by medical journal   UNFCCC Headlines: Heirs to Rockefeller oil fortune divest from fossil fuels over climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: US to put climate change 'front and center' of diplomatic efforts, Kerry vows   UNFCCC Headlines: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sounds the alarm on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Is Single Biggest Risk To Global Economy - Paulson At CGI2014   UNFCCC Headlines: Mayor de Blasio Takes On Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Al Gore wants to engage Millennials on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Cameron to press for climate change target at UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Renewable Energy Can Meet Global Demand and Cut Carbon Emissions, Roadmap Shows   UNFCCC Headlines: Tackling The Oil Industry On Climate Change (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Marchers sound urgent call for climate change action ahead of U.N. summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Push for New Pact on Climate Change Is Plagued by Old Divide of Wealth (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Desmond Tutu: We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change march: Investors pledge to take their money out of firms blamed for climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: US and China collaborating on clean energy projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change summitry's force of nature: Christiana Figueres (+video)   UNFCCC Headlines: New York climate march draws hundreds of thousands   UNFCCC Headlines: Young Pacific islanders are not climate change victims – they're fighting   UNFCCC Headlines: US will not commit to climate change aid for poor nations at UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Education and health spending compromised by climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: The deepest cuts   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change takes center stage in New York next week   UNFCCC Headlines: China cautious on fresh commitments ahead of climate change summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors call for climate change deal   UNFCCC Headlines: A Clarion Call From the Climate Change Frontline   UNFCCC Headlines: International Panel says Urgent Action Needed to Mitigate Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: India's farmers beating climate change with technology   UNFCCC Headlines: Prince Charles will tell leaders climate action is ‘only rational choice’   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Enlisting Business on Climate Change May Win UN Pact   UNFCCC Headlines: Julie Bishop rejects UN request to strengthen Australian climate targets   UNFCCC Headlines: Busy Days Precede a March Focusing on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: The silence on climate change is deafening. It's time for us to get loud (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Is global warming causing COLDER winters? Melting ice is destabilising the polar vortex, study claims   UNFCCC Headlines: Podesta: Obama to Tout Global Warming 'Resilience' at U.N. Climate Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean Energy Is a 100 Percent American Success Story (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Why Exxon is betting on a higher carbon price than Google   UNFCCC Headlines: As Uganda Heats Up, Pests and Disease Flourish to Attack its Top Export Crop   UNFCCC Headlines: World will 'change course' on climate at UN summit (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Miami Beach prepares for extreme high tides   UNFCCC Headlines: Figueres: "If we want to prevent conflicts, we have to address climate change now"   UNFCCC Headlines: Leonardo DiCaprio appointed UN climate change representative   UNFCCC Headlines: Texas proposes rewriting school text books to deny manmade climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama delays key power plant rule of signature climate change plan   UNFCCC Headlines: White House partners with industry to tackle greenhouse gas   UNFCCC Headlines: Really wanted PM Narendra Modi to attend UN climate change summit: Ban Ki-Moon   UNFCCC Headlines: Wildfire Cost May Soar With Climate Change, Report Warns   UNFCCC Headlines: Seven things we learned from Lord Stern's New Climate Economy report   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities can lead on climate change to build a resilient future (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Duke Energy Commits $500 Million To Solar Power Expansion In North Carolina   UNFCCC Headlines: Lawmakers to test EU's five billion euro carbon permit giveaway   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy   UNFCCC Headlines: Indian city of Surat anticipates worst effects of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Has the great climate change migration already begun?   UNFCCC Headlines: Watch: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Pioneering a New Financial Instrument to Help Combat Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Brace for the climate change mega-storm   UNFCCC Headlines: The time for tough decisions on climate change is now (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Musk Solar Strategy Used as Model for Record Investments   UNFCCC Headlines: MSCI Launches Innovative Family of Low Carbon Indexes   UNFCCC Headlines: The 97% v the 3% – just how much global warming are humans causing?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Activists Organize New York March Ahead of UN Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Naomi Klein: ‘We tried it your way and we don’t have another decade to waste’   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil builds giant tower in Amazon to monitor climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Big firms brace for global carbon price rollout: report   UNFCCC Headlines: Call to release endowments to save planet   UNFCCC Headlines: Plant disease and pest hit 2,000 hectares of rice plantations   UNFCCC Headlines: Kashmir Floods Caused by Climate Change, Environment Degradation and Unplanned Growth   UNFCCC Headlines: Creating climate change awareness through films   UNFCCC Headlines: At least 150 major companies prep for carbon prices   UNFCCC Headlines: Seeking an easy win on carbon emissions? Cut global trade (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate summit set for major carbon pricing announcement   UNFCCC Headlines: World’s Largest Single Rooftop Solar Power Project Commissioned In India   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Growth Beat Out Natural Gas In First Half Of 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: Development banks pledge to step up climate action   UNFCCC Headlines: Kashmir flood disaster worsened by risks being ignored - experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Kashmir flood disaster worsened by risks being ignored - experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Kashmir flood disaster worsened by risks being ignored - experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate indicators show renewed signs of El Nino: Australia   UNFCCC Headlines: Ozone layer is healing - but we are now contributing to climate change more than ever   UNFCCC Headlines: As Climate Change Hits Home, Americans Call for Action   UNFCCC Headlines: Personalising climate change through open data and apps   UNFCCC Headlines: Personalising climate change through open data and apps   UNFCCC Headlines: Personalising climate change through open data and apps   UNFCCC Headlines: Economics: Manufacture renewables to build energy security   UNFCCC Headlines: UC to invest $1 billion to tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Net Savings Of $71 Trillion By 2050 With Transition To Renewable Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Why shifting to renewables is not mission impossible   UNFCCC Headlines: How governments can drive the green revolution   UNFCCC Headlines: Amazon rainforest destruction in Brazil rises again   UNFCCC Headlines: China suggests cap on coal use, import curbs in draft air pollution law   UNFCCC Headlines: (opinion) Which narrative will prevail at the UN’s climate summit?   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund lowers cash demands to $10bn   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change accelerating death of Western forests   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Protesters Rally Against Future Typhoons   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief says 125 leaders confirmed for NY summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Week NYC Will Help Secure Critical Business and Government Buy-In for a Global Climate Deal Next Year   UNFCCC Headlines: Many Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change, They Just Won't Say So   UNFCCC Headlines: UK calls on Australia, Canada and Japan to deliver “ambitious” CO2 cuts   UNFCCC Headlines: How Peru May Deliver a Global Deal on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Ship Lost in the Arctic 160 Years Ago Found Thanks to Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Rooftop Solar Panels Are Cheaper Than Coal In the Philippines   UNFCCC Headlines: China-based Equity Fund To Invest €309 Million In Polish Wind Farm   UNFCCC Headlines: Is Narendra Modi a climate sceptic?   UNFCCC Headlines: Why gender disaster data matters: ‘In some villages, all the dead were women’   UNFCCC Headlines: New York climate summit is a chance to push for long-term climate neutrality   UNFCCC Headlines: Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984   UNFCCC Headlines: Shell's Jekyll and Hyde Approach to Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: UK to reveal plans for global climate change talks   UNFCCC Headlines: (opinion) It’s time for the EU to end the era of dirty coal power   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Will Disrupt Half of North America’s Bird Species, Study Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Why climate change concerns pro-life Christians: Column   UNFCCC Headlines: (opinion) Why A Tax On Carbon Can Help Climate Change - And The Economy   UNFCCC Headlines: India, Malaysia to strengthen partnership in climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: US Solar Makes Up Over Half Of New Generating Capacity   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change back on the agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: World leaders urged to aim for 'zero emissions' this century   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Threatens The Newest Prescription For Children: Time Outdoors   UNFCCC Headlines: Shell looks to solar power to lift oil output   UNFCCC Headlines: India should go solar to bring down carbon emissions; British envoy on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: NGOs “optimistic” for chances of a climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: This business of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: To be counted during Paris summit, India must cut its carbon footprint (comment/analysis)   UNFCCC Headlines: Environmental groups call for 'ambitious' climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: What legal form for the future international climate regime? (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. envoy seeks climate neutrality   UNFCCC Headlines: (editorial) New York climate summit is a chance to push for long-term climate neutrality   UNFCCC Headlines: Yale Asks Managers to Weigh Climate Change Risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Government plan to give India’s electric vehicle industry a new high   UNFCCC Headlines: Megadroughts Worse Than the Dust Bowl Could Hit the Southwest   UNFCCC Headlines: (blog) Advancing Resilience in Small Island States: Cutting through red tape   UNFCCC Headlines: New responsible investment tool launched by Thomson Reuters   UNFCCC Headlines: Top Leaders From China, India to Skip UN Climate Change Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: (editorial) Global labour's challenge to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: It is 99.999 percent likely global warming is caused by humans: CSIRO   UNFCCC Headlines: China and Indian Leaders Said to Skip UN Climate Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: France plans climate harmony ahead of 2015 UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. chief tries to kick-start sagging enthusiasm for climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Strategy for Climate and Disaster Resilient Development in the Pacific   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon emissions from electricity grid rise after carbon price repeal   UNFCCC Headlines: Experts discuss investments in renewable energy to counter climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: SAMOA: UN disaster risk chief calls for putting partnerships to work   UNFCCC Headlines: Small island nations start "drum roll of action" for key UN Climate Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: UNEP releases Global Environment Outlook report   UNFCCC Headlines: Small island conference leaves 'legacy with impact' - UN   UNFCCC Headlines: Kufuor launches Africa Agric Status Report   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change relocation 'urgent'   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru to gain US$120mn return on COP 20's public investment   UNFCCC Headlines: Malawi: Govt to Combat Climate Change Ills Through Nap   UNFCCC Headlines: Stopping climate change is 'about people, about survival,' says UN envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Climate Chief Says ‘Door Closing’ on Warming Fix   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese president Xi Jinping 'to skip Ban Ki-moon climate meeting'   UNFCCC Headlines: Indian negotiators in the dark as informal climate summit approaches   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru Env Min says financing should be key issue in COP20 draft text   UNFCCC Headlines: 5 reasons to watch NYC’s climate summit (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: South Korea delays smog tax; starts emission trading in 2015 - finance minister   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate study yields bad news for tiny desert fish   UNFCCC Headlines: More cash for EU industry, eastern states in 2030 climate goals: draft   UNFCCC Headlines: Communities going into power business to cut cost, carbon footprint   UNFCCC Headlines: African farmers urgently need “climate-smart” investment – report   UNFCCC Headlines: Chile Carbon Tax Coming Up This Week   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Climate Change Conference for kids held   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Grossly inadequate’ - President Tuilaepa   UNFCCC Headlines: A five year project strengthening Natural Solutions in the Pacific region   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Africa’s Smallholder Farmers Risk of “Failed Seasons” rising   UNFCCC Communication: ISR/COM/1 B   UNFCCC Headlines: UN concern at climate change in Pacific   UNFCCC Headlines: France underlines commitment to "legally binding" agreement at Paris climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich nations have moral duty to help island nations as climate change shifts weather patterns, says World Bank envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change tops UN summit agenda in Samoa   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate focus at UN small islands summit in Samoa   UNFCCC Headlines: UN agencies will be mobilized to implement recommendations from SIDS conference   UNFCCC Headlines: Push for climate change on UN agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Samoa hosts hundreds of global leaders for talks on developing island states   UNFCCC Headlines: Why carbon markets should top Ban Ki-moon’s climate agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: French diplomats rallied to climate cause in run-up to Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Political uncertainty slows renewable energy growth – IEA   UNFCCC Headlines: Chile set to pass Latin America’s second carbon tax   UNFCCC Headlines: UN seeks 'Malala' on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Urgency of Climate Change’ to Debut as Legal Defense   UNFCCC Headlines: Why fossil fuel divestment won’t be easy   UNFCCC Headlines: Green-trigue: N.Y. legal memo may give Obama path to make UN climate deal binding   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Will Ruin Hawaii, New Study Suggests   UNFCCC Headlines: And now the weather, featuring climate change blame   UNFCCC Headlines: A climate for change: The U.S. can help drive a new round of global carbon cuts   UNFCCC Headlines: 22.6% Of Homes Use Solar In South Australia   UNFCCC Headlines: Experts at UN conference call for action to mitigate climate-related health risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Samoan PM calls on Canberra to do more to tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean energy industry calls for inquiry into renewable energy target review   UNFCCC Headlines: Chile launches its biggest wind farm   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. Climate Chief Urges Action From Health Ministers   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama Charges Ahead on Climate Change Policy   UNFCCC Headlines: Roads expanding fast worldwide, better planning needed to aid food output : study   UNFCCC Headlines: Island states told to press onward   UNFCCC Headlines: Durable Partnerships for the Pacific   UNFCCC Headlines: NZ academic urges SIDS to address 'blatant inequalities'   UNFCCC Headlines: UN panel: Global warming human-caused, dangerous   UNFCCC Headlines: Ahead of Samoa conference, iTunes, UN team up to showcase music from small island nations   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank pledges to support Vietnam in battling climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Coal To Be Hardest Hit By Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign   UNFCCC Headlines: China's carbon emission down by 5%: Premier Li   UNFCCC Headlines: Science group says climate change worsening, dangerous   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. Draft Report Lists Unchecked Emissions’ Risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty   UNFCCC Headlines: Clegg and Davey aim to help put clean tech on front foot in India   UNFCCC Headlines: Liebreich: Climate change talks – the rocky road to paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Guidelines out for emission tradings with free pricing in China   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. Conference Set to Bypass Climate Change Refugees   UNFCCC Headlines: EU carbon prices edge lower ahead of increased supply   UNFCCC Headlines: COP-20 enfrenta el reto de lograr un acuerdo climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático afecta a los niños del Caribe   UNFCCC Headlines: The Kardashians and climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Heat wave offers glimpse into climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Cape Town Transport Goes Green   UNFCCC Headlines: Ross Garnaut: China to reach 'peak coal' for electricity by 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: India Plans To Add 10,000 MW Wind Energy Capacity Every Year   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Climate change is real and happening in India’   UNFCCC Headlines: Prevención en la montaña   UNFCCC Headlines: Perú tendrá que invertir hasta S/. 8,000 millones para afrontar impactos del cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Churches at the front line of climate action   UNFCCC Headlines: Private finance will help solve green energy problem: Edward Davey   UNFCCC Headlines: What is carbon-pricing and why do we need it? (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: T’Sou-ke First Nation turns to wasabi in renewable energy push   UNFCCC Headlines: Coal gas boom in China holds climate change risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Kansas' climate change debate settled in Europe   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Free riders’ undermine climate treaty hopes   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru’s dangerous environmental regression   UNFCCC Headlines: Atlantic heat sink explains global warming “pause”   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewable energy patents boom in Germany   UNFCCC Headlines: UN expects upcoming Samoa small island conference to generate vital partnerships   UNFCCC Headlines: How solutions based journalism can drive global climate action   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa to Add More Renewables in 2014 Than Past 14 Years   UNFCCC Headlines: Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: [Opinion] Could a Climate Change Deal Fit China’s Economic Reform Agenda?   UNFCCC Headlines: [Opinion] Climate Change and Implications for National Security   UNFCCC Headlines: Coal gas boom in China holds climate change risks   UNFCCC Headlines: Easy times over as carbon prices enter bullish corridor   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Solar Activity Could Be Increasing Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Be climate change warriors, Pacific Islanders told   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities’ Air Problems Only Get Worse With Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Leonardo DiCaprio voices climate change film   UNFCCC Headlines: ONU certifica primera emisión de bonos de carbono de central hidroeléctrica de pasada Chacayes   UNFCCC Headlines: Greenland ice loss doubles from late 2000s   UNFCCC Headlines: 'If we don't change now we will lose the reefs'   UNFCCC Headlines: Greens, industry square off over putting cars in EU carbon market   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar-Powered Tuk Tuk To Go From Bangalore To London   UNFCCC Headlines: Cusco dará inicio a semana COP 20 sobre medio ambiente este jueves 21   UNFCCC Headlines: NZ could spark climate action, expert says   UNFCCC Headlines: Heavy consumption puts planet in overdraft   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change to slash south Asian GDP, development bank warns   UNFCCC Headlines: Island States to Rally Donors at Samoa Meet   UNFCCC Headlines: Uganda to increase renewable energy access to 61 per cent   UNFCCC Headlines: AfDB trust fund to support clean energy project in Mali   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change should be on G20 agenda: CEDA   UNFCCC Headlines: Workshop helps raise ASEAN climate negotiators’ capacity   UNFCCC Headlines: The butterfly affect: climate change ‘forced species to adapt’   UNFCCC Headlines: Peruvian Deforestation- A Paradise Lost   UNFCCC Headlines: Guangdong adds 20 mln permits to China's biggest carbon market   UNFCCC Headlines: Why the world's biggest companies are investing in recycling   UNFCCC Headlines: Kyocera, SPCG Mark Completion Of 257 MW Of Solar Power Projects In Thailand   UNFCCC Headlines: How the Game of Golf Adapts to Global Warming   UNFCCC Headlines: In Ilocos Sur, farmers turn to organic farming   UNFCCC Headlines: Two reports warn Los Angeles County residents of how climate change can affect health   UNFCCC Headlines: Forest Service readies for new climate change system REDD+   UNFCCC Headlines: Kenya’s forests of the future   UNFCCC Headlines: Economists Say South Asia Will Pay ‘Prohibitively High’ Price for Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change reflected in altered Missouri River flow, report says   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Climate Change May Lead to Tree Migration’   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil makes progress on saving forests, Indonesia risks setbacks   UNFCCC Headlines: China's carbon plans: secrecy and oversupply darken outlook   UNFCCC Headlines: Solomons town first in Pacific to relocate due to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Colombia set to draft new climate law by November   UNFCCC Headlines: In China, Ban urges young people to drive global action   UNFCCC Headlines: China Confronts Its Coal Problem (editorial)   UNFCCC Headlines: How Saurya EnerTech's purifier Swajal uses solar energy to give clean water at an affordable rate   UNFCCC Headlines: Nouakchott faces perils of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear?   UNFCCC Headlines: 124 IP studes trained on basic Journ Writing; organized into climate change advocates   UNFCCC Headlines: Heavy rain and floods: The 'new normal' with climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: UN-backed disaster resilience campaign tops 2,000 participating cities   UNFCCC Headlines: South Korea carbon market to go ahead as planned   UNFCCC Headlines: Investing In Africa Climate Adaptation Also Aids Development   UNFCCC Headlines: Sambo inaugurates National Council on Power   UNFCCC Headlines: Norway Gives 60 Million for Climate-friendly Technology   UNFCCC Headlines: Group therapy tackles climate change anxiety   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewable Energy Companies to Invest $7 Billion in Chile Power   UNFCCC Headlines: Satellite imagery, the new weapon to fight forest fires   UNFCCC Headlines: El Gobierno peruano aprueba crear un instituto de investigación de glaciares   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change adaptation can help promote sub-Saharan African livelihoods – UN report   UNFCCC Headlines: Hot enough for you? See how ‘dramatic’ climate change is affecting your city   UNFCCC Headlines: Tibet's glaciers at their warmest in 2,000 years: report   UNFCCC Headlines: Cameroon: Water Resources - Nefarious Effects of Climate Change Unfolded   UNFCCC Headlines: Another Reason to Save Sea Otters: They’re Helping Fight Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: India demands rich countries “walk the talk” on climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Call for finance to top agenda at Ban Ki-moon climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: How cap-and-trade helps forests and businesses grow together   UNFCCC Headlines: When young people infiltrate the UN climate machine   UNFCCC Headlines: US Secretary of State Kerry raises climate change in brief Solomons stop   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. anti-coal dominoes hit BRICS wall, other skeptics   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate indicators show renewed signs of El Nino: Australia   UNFCCC Headlines: Rwanda: New Project Seeks to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Rising economies 'ahead on climate'   UNFCCC Headlines: New York event explores the future of buildings, cities and sustainability   UNFCCC Headlines: Electric Vehicle Sales Expected To Grow Globally To 1.8 Million By 2023   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil bank BNDES outlines plans to finance solar-power plants   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change an important issue that calls for unity: Usec Saño   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-moon Sends Message on International Youth Day   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change biggest Reef threat: report   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate adaptation creates conflicts (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Swamped by Rising Seas, Small Islands Seek a Lifeline   UNFCCC Headlines: Tuvalu to help chair UN climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Ministro Pulgar-Vidal inaugurará Semana COP20 en Loreto   UNFCCC Headlines: Youth: The hidden life force behind the UN climate talks?   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany’s Renewables Did It Again, A New Record!   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil readies big push on solar energy but companies are wary   UNFCCC Headlines: Two Filipinos are 'must-hears' in climate discussion   UNFCCC Headlines: More severe tornado outbreaks may be linked to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Cheap airfare swamps industry's emissions cuts – study   UNFCCC Headlines: On International Day, Ban says indigenous peoples can be 'powerful agents of progress'   UNFCCC Headlines: The Empiricist Strikes Back (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Q&A: Sen. Boxer on climate change, California drought   UNFCCC Headlines: Push for climate change on G20 list   UNFCCC Headlines: African Journalists attend session on UN Climate Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: BASIC nations discuss climate issues ahead of UN talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Opposing view | BASIC climate changes   UNFCCC Headlines: Forests for the future: Kenya's carbon credit scheme   UNFCCC Headlines: Jóvenes latinos y afroamericanos de EEUU se preparan para la lucha ambiental   UNFCCC Headlines: CO2 capture from air could ripen into a global warming solution, researcher predicts   UNFCCC Headlines: Deep emissions cuts needed by 2050 to limit global warming: UN draft   UNFCCC Headlines: Inching closer towards a transformative global agenda for development — Amina Mohammed   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil, South Arica, India and China chalk out plan for climate negotiations   UNFCCC Headlines: BASIC nations vow to take united stand against rich nations over climate change negotiations   UNFCCC Headlines: White House adviser met with billionaires Steyer, Soros   UNFCCC Headlines: UN releases Ban Ki-moon climate summit plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Rwanda: Activists Take Environment Awareness Drive to Schools   UNFCCC Headlines: Efforts on to increase India's forest cover: Govt   UNFCCC Headlines: 18th BASIC Ministerial Meeting from tomorrow   UNFCCC Headlines: Why A New Study Thinks Next Year’s Climate Talks Won’t Keep The World Under 2°C (internal)   UNFCCC Headlines: African negotiators urge U.S. leadership for U.N. climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: For most of us, global warming has become 'normal' climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Woman drought at UN climate talks: are quotas the answer?   UNFCCC Headlines: Ants: Our Saviors from Climate Change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Will these sustainable development goals do the job?   UNFCCC Headlines: China invests in Tanzanian wind energy project   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific Media and Climate Change Toolkit available now!   UNFCCC Headlines: Too late for course correction on global warming: IPCC   UNFCCC Headlines: Indigenous Rights to Forests Catch More Carbon   UNFCCC Headlines: General Motors: why companies should buy more renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe's forests 'particularly vulnerable' to rapid climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Will climate change worsen Ebola outbreaks?   UNFCCC Headlines: Women to watch ahead of the UN’s 2015 climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Will Climate Change Lead to Conflict or Cooperation?   UNFCCC Headlines: India must chose to be champion or villain for climate and development (by Kumi Naidoo)   UNFCCC Headlines: Ethiopia Calls for Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: UN says LatAm agricultural greenhouse gas emissions doubled in 50 years   UNFCCC Headlines: Strong economic case for coal divestment (By Al Gore and David Blood)   UNFCCC Communication: FJI/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: US-Africa summit starts with development fora   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa Summit To Tackle Food Stability And Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Clock is ticking for cheap credits   UNFCCC Headlines: Deforestation, development may be driving Ebola outbreaks, experts say   UNFCCC Headlines: Perú será sede del III Encuentro Pan-amazónico   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: First Summit On Women and Climate Decries Lack of Grassroots Funding   UNFCCC Headlines: Why effective climate policy needs women – and vice versa   UNFCCC Headlines: MIT Turns Solar Steam Into Cheaper Energy, Clean Water   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Talks: Equity Reference Framework fails   UNFCCC Headlines: Beyond Copenhagen   UNFCCC Headlines: Bankrolling Energy Exports Creates Rift Between Fossil Fuels And Green Power   UNFCCC Headlines: How the 49ers are upping the game by going green   UNFCCC Headlines: SolarReserve 20 MW El Salvador Solar Power Plant Is El Salvador’s 1st Utility-Scale Plant   UNFCCC Headlines: China's surprise on climate change: Our view (editorial)   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria: The Politics of Green Climate Fund   UNFCCC Headlines: Christiana Figueres: Climate deal must bring gender equality   UNFCCC Headlines: FEATURE: As climate talks heat up, experts debate if natural gas, fracking will turn ‘brown’ economies ‘green’   UNFCCC Headlines: Creating a fully sustainable island   UNFCCC Headlines: France delivers long-awaited green energy bill   UNFCCC Headlines: Tuvalu climate change family win NZ residency appeal   UNFCCC Headlines: IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: 'India is fifth largest producer of wind energy'   UNFCCC Headlines: France to boost renewable energy, reduce nuclear   UNFCCC Headlines: La Convención contra el Cambio Climático de la ONU lanza una web para "dar a conocer" la actualidad del cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Global Solar Market Estimated To Reach $137 Billion In 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: Energy security to be high on the agenda during Modi's US visit   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief urges all people worldwide to reach out to one another as friends   UNFCCC Headlines: Sri Lanka launches drought relief measures for farming families   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: The 'greatest threat' to the peoples of the Pacific   UNFCCC Headlines: US wants to link power pacts with climate change agreement   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate policy: Reforming emissions trading   UNFCCC Headlines: Indian media: Deforestation behind deadly Pune landslide   UNFCCC Headlines: Un nobel del cambio climático visitó Quito   UNFCCC Headlines: El secretario General de la ONU pasea en bicicleta en Costa Rica   UNFCCC Headlines: Indo-US group to work very closely on climate change: Prakash Javadekar   UNFCCC Headlines: Food giant General Mills to tackle emissions in supply chain   UNFCCC Headlines: German Water Supply Threatened as Climate Change Boosts Droughts   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: US East Coast Hit Hardest By 'Nuisance Flooding' Amid Sea Level Rise From Climate Change, NOAA Scientists Say   UNFCCC Headlines: This Stunning Carbon Map Could Unlock A New Way To Fight Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Eastern Caribbean to benefit from new energy infrastructure   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change threat key issue at Pacific Islands Forum   UNFCCC Headlines: Neil Young signs on to save the rainforest - using solar powered mobile phones   UNFCCC Headlines: Delay Action on Climate Change by 10 Years and Costs Rocket 40%: Report   UNFCCC Headlines: Act now on climate change or see costs soar, White House says   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania: Effects of Climate Change Features High at Youth Forum   UNFCCC Headlines: Washington State outlines plans for carbon trading   UNFCCC Headlines: New Zealand’s 'dramatic' ice loss could lead to severe decline of glaciers   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific leaders to discuss climate change, sustainable fishing during Pacific Islands Forum in Palau   UNFCCC Headlines: Minorities aren't well represented in environmental groups, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: How many solar panels would it take to power Earth?   UNFCCC Headlines: World’s religions unite for New York climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change cooperation can start new phase in ties: Kerry   UNFCCC Headlines: World's largest solar boat on Greek prehistoric mission   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan gives Caribbean US$15m for climate change projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Shanghai carbon market cuts emissions 3.5%   UNFCCC Headlines: Solve climate change … make people smaller   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Climate change increases chance of slowdown in yields   UNFCCC Headlines: Delegates review climate adaptation   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama to attend UN climate summit in September   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. envoy to U.N. aviation body hopeful on airline climate plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Kiva Funds Renewable Energy Projects, Solar Lights and Clean Cookstoves   UNFCCC Headlines: Cameroon: Women Train On Climate Change Techniques   UNFCCC Headlines: PERU: RD asiste taller sobre inversión pública   UNFCCC Headlines: La reforma del transporte ayudará a mitigación de cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming: Who will do the dishes? (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Concerns over carbon emissions from burning wood   UNFCCC Headlines: Who’s who: The men and women tasked with stopping climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa builds 'Great Green Wall' of trees to improve farmlands   UNFCCC Headlines: Gender equality for the environment: An unfinished agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Who Is Most To Blame For Climate Change? (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: China coal demand to peak by 2020 – Standard & Poor   UNFCCC Headlines: Texas Is Wired for Wind Power, and More Farms Plug In   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. scientists urge 'national vision' to curb coastal risks in report   UNFCCC Headlines: Cuba looks to mangroves to fend off rising seas   UNFCCC Headlines: Forest Rights Offer Major Opportunity to Counter Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: A village in India now runs entirely on its own solar power grid   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change ravaging Antarctic fur seals   UNFCCC Headlines: Loss and damage: UN receives new climate compensation plans   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Commission agrees 30 percent energy savings goal for 2030: sources   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Confirms Approval of Germany's New Renewable Energy Law   UNFCCC Headlines: The Surprising Reasons Why Lowering CO2 Emissions Will Drive Our Electricity Bills Down, Not Up   UNFCCC Headlines: A map and a compass for climate talks (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Growth, Global Warming Threaten African Species   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change hits all Pentagon operations, official says   UNFCCC Headlines: President Mahama Launch Two National Policies on Climate Change and Environment   UNFCCC Headlines: Britain sticks with tough carbon target despite opposition   UNFCCC Headlines: France backs 30 percent energy efficiency goal: letter   UNFCCC Headlines: Venezuela climate summit calls for end to “green economy”   UNFCCC Headlines: Dispute over 'bonkers' EU energy savings plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency   UNFCCC Headlines: How to stop climate change making food less nutritious?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate models accurately predicted global warming when reflecting natural ocean cycles   UNFCCC Headlines: The G20 has the muscle to fight climate change (by Ross Garnaut)   UNFCCC Headlines: NHL outlines plan to fight climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Report: Sunday shows give climate change more air time   UNFCCC Headlines: Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars, says expert   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Already Having Profound Impacts on Lakes in Europe   UNFCCC Headlines: Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack   UNFCCC Headlines: A Reassuring American Presence Joins Talks on Climate Change With China (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change is far from the only cause of a rapid rise in disasters   UNFCCC Headlines: Margareta Wahlstrom: how to write a UN climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: The heat is on — and we must act to keep our cool   UNFCCC Headlines: Op-Ed: Sustainable Development and Agriculture in the Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: India Doubles Tax On Coal To Fund Clean Energy, Environmental Projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Mark Ruffalo feels right at home bringing renewable energy message to NASCAR crowd   UNFCCC Headlines: Himalayan geothermal potential untapped   UNFCCC Headlines: World's first eco-friendly mosque opens in Dubai   UNFCCC Headlines: World Resources Forum To Be Held In Peru In October   UNFCCC Headlines: PHL- Government launches nationwide climate change advocacy campaign   UNFCCC Headlines: New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards   UNFCCC Headlines: World is getting warmer, says global climate report   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Merkel might come back as a climate leader'   UNFCCC Headlines: Green bond growth of $40bn forecast for this year   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru Ratifies Nagoya Protocol On Genetic Resources   UNFCCC Headlines: For clean energy, think small (nano small)   UNFCCC Headlines: How to track corporate action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: 12 Mainstream American Corporations Want More Renewable Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Investment in UK renewable energy sector almost £8bn in 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia’s carbon reversal sets new tone for global climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia’s carbon reversal sets new tone for global climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia’s carbon reversal sets new tone for global climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Suscriben México y Perú acuerdos en seguridad, y analizan cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Nobel Laureate Pachauri calls upon youth to save environment   UNFCCC Headlines: Power ministry, regulators contemplate ways to develop renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Could we engineer greener humans?   UNFCCC Headlines: Fiji vulnerable to climate change: ambassador to UN   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama unveils measures to help communities adapt to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama: Climate change a direct threat to US cities   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia repeals controversial carbon tax   UNFCCC Headlines: Britain urges deeper EU carbon market reforms than proposed   UNFCCC Headlines: Finland urges Europe to unite for global climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: ADB approves $300m loan to increase Sri Lanka’s renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Britain to fund South African carbon trading experiment   UNFCCC Headlines: Emitters in China's largest carbon market meet targets amid falling prices   UNFCCC Headlines: PreCOP Social en Isla Margarita: “Cambiemos el sistema, no el clima”   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático no espera a que haya acuerdos: Guerra Abud   UNFCCC Headlines: Military Bases Face Hurdles in Climate Change Adaptation   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany pledges $1bn to UN climate change fund   UNFCCC Headlines: Building toward sustainable, resilient cities in 2050 (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: European Investment Bank Provides €150 Million Loan To Israel’s Largest Solar Power Project   UNFCCC Headlines: Riding the solar tuk-tuk   UNFCCC Headlines: EU study finds ‘green’ economy can boost jobs   UNFCCC Headlines: Laurent Fabius: "Le réchauffement climatique, c’est maintenant !"   UNFCCC Headlines: Educación ambiental: principal objetivo en la Conferencia de las Partes sobre Cambio Climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Perú aboga por establecer responsabilidad diferenciada sobre cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: World Cup Champs for Arctic Climate? (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Merkel steps up call for deal on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: China May Announce Emissions Cap Next Year: Treaty Envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: Mary Robinson named UN envoy for climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe handed out too many carbon permits, says China negotiator   UNFCCC Headlines: 8 charts that show how climate change is making the world more dangerous   UNFCCC Headlines: Lobbying for Good - the much needed ‘next big thing' in corporate responsibility   UNFCCC Headlines: Singapore firm in $248m partnership to develop wind energy in Thailand   UNFCCC Headlines: Presidente Ollanta Humala inicia hoy actividades en Alemania   UNFCCC Headlines: $958 Million Geothermal Project Approved By Costa Rican Legislature   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change has created a new literary genre   UNFCCC Headlines: Ethiopia: The Unity of Water (By Mikhail Gorbachev)   UNFCCC Headlines: Kenya bets on green economy model to boost food security   UNFCCC Headlines: India urgently needs 'green buildings': R.K.Pachauri   UNFCCC Headlines: World Council of Churches divests from fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change signals the end of Australian shiraz as we know it   UNFCCC Headlines: News Analysis: Is BRICS really in decline?   UNFCCC Headlines: Three meetings, five days: global climate diplomacy push kicks off   UNFCCC Headlines: Raining risks (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: La technologie, clé contre le changement climatique   UNFCCC Headlines: Why Big Tech Companies Are Investing In Renewable Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Negotiating a cheaper clean energy deal for all   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean Energy Investment Reaches Highest Point Since 2012   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change solution: Scrap subsidies, fund innovation   UNFCCC Headlines: Zero carbon and economic growth can go together, UN study says   UNFCCC Headlines: Companies donate half a million carbon credits to World Cup   UNFCCC Headlines: Atoll nations take united stand on climate (audio)   UNFCCC Headlines: Barbados Voices Concern Over Impact of Climate Change in Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: US, China take small steps toward fighting climate change, but differ on global plan   UNFCCC Headlines: China's Tianjin extends carbon deadline again   UNFCCC Headlines: Le marché du carbone va financer deux projets français d'énergie renouvelable   UNFCCC Headlines: World’s Poorest Nations Seek Presence in Post-2015 Agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Three firms buy 510,000 African carbon credits in H1 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: UN plans to make its carbon credits available to all   UNFCCC Headlines: EU and industry team up for multi-billion Euro clean tech push   UNFCCC Headlines: Grant carbon, development space to developing countries: Survey   UNFCCC Headlines: Is Bangladesh just a climate victim? Not anymore   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate talks more advanced second time around, says former head   UNFCCC Headlines: Blueprints for Taming the Climate Crisis   UNFCCC Headlines: Responsible Business: Sustainable efforts show signs of paying off   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Proposes Building Blocks of New Global Climate Deal   UNFCCC Headlines: UN officials say there is ‘greater clarity’ over 2015 climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: UN issued with roadmap on how to avoid climate catastrophe   UNFCCC Headlines: New UN force on climate impacts on health   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S., China ink coal, clean energy deals in climate cooperation   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis a Powerful Voice For Climate Change Action   UNFCCC Headlines: Kenya Reviewing Legislation Act To Increase Forest Cover   UNFCCC Headlines: France and India pledge to cooperate at UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: How to decarbonise the global economy   UNFCCC Headlines: Responsible Business awards: methodology and Big Tick winners   UNFCCC Headlines: France Foreign Minister launches attack against fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Lessons from a drowning nation   UNFCCC Headlines: Experts: Solar Power Could Soon Pose Economic Threat to Electric Utilities   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank to invest $775 million in clean energy projects across India   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania: Collective African Effort Needed in Addressing Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Singapore gears up for climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Amazon rainforest grew after climate change 2,000 years ago: study   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean energy takes centre stage in China as national interests evolve   UNFCCC Headlines: Don't axe the tax: emissions trading supporters make last-ditch plea   UNFCCC Headlines: China Now The World’s Largest Solar PV Market   UNFCCC Headlines: Barbados Beaches: Caribbean Island Is Going Green, People Are Taking Notice   UNFCCC Headlines: Coastal winds intensifying with climate change, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: WCC announces Interfaith Summit on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Pueblos indígenas participarán por primera vez en la COP20 en Lima   UNFCCC Headlines: Changement climatique : Fabius mobilisé contre les énergies fossiles   UNFCCC Headlines: Insurers to cover withdrawal of solar and wind subsidies   UNFCCC Headlines: UK to help India reduce emission without affecting growth   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Threatens U.S. National Parks   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean Coral Reefs May Disappear Within 20 Years: Report   UNFCCC Headlines: Does climate change impact national security? ASU gets $20M to find out   UNFCCC Headlines: Does climate change impact national security? ASU gets $20M to find out   UNFCCC Headlines: Does climate change impact national security? ASU gets $20M to find out   UNFCCC Headlines: FEATURE: Should international refugee law accommodate climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Coastal winds intensifying with climate change, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: India should be flexible on climate change: Ramesh   UNFCCC Headlines: UN green fund to seek cash in November; poor want $15 billion   UNFCCC Headlines: Coal-free Is Goal For Texas Utility   UNFCCC Headlines: Glasgow University could ditch £19m fossil fuel assets   UNFCCC Headlines: India Plans World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Project (50 MW)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change satellite launched   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia sees limited G20 appetite on new climate change steps   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change affects U.S.’s anti-terrorism efforts   UNFCCC Headlines: Australians shifting on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Federal judge rejects mine proposal, cites coal’s contribution to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: What Every Governor Really Believes About Climate Change, In One Handy Map   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon emissions above 400 ppm for third straight month   UNFCCC Headlines: Asia must lead on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Power Makes Gains in US   UNFCCC Headlines: India warns UN climate deal in 2015 hinges on finance   UNFCCC Headlines: China’s Hurdle to Fast Action on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese coal consumption to peak in 2024 – Bloomberg   UNFCCC Headlines: No country will escape climate impacts, warns Ministry of Defence   UNFCCC Headlines: India to Strengthen Climate Change Negotiation Team   UNFCCC Headlines: B.C. put a price on carbon. What happened next will surprise you   UNFCCC Headlines: Pricing Carbon: 21st Century Corporate leadership   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewable energy records set in California and Texas   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewables In German State Produce 120% of Electricity   UNFCCC Headlines: BNEF: Renewable Energy’s About To Dominate Global Power Investments   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change brings heat, mosquitoes, other summer dangers   UNFCCC Headlines: Bill Shorten vows to tackle climate change despite 'our failure to prosecute'   UNFCCC Headlines: Beseiged by the rising tides of climate change, Kiribati buys land in Fiji   UNFCCC Headlines: World needs $550bn of renewables investment a year – IRENA   UNFCCC Headlines: UN gains new powers to tackle air pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewable Energy Saves Fortune 500 Companies Over $1 Billion   UNFCCC Headlines: UN’s Green Climate Fund starts hunt for cash   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming makes drought come on earlier, faster, and harder   UNFCCC Headlines: African Development Bank Supports South African Solar Thermal Power Project With $142 Million Loan   UNFCCC Headlines: Graphene Flagship Project Doubles In Size   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Threatens Antarctica’s Emperor Penguin Population   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Australia and US are moving in opposite directions   UNFCCC Headlines: Extreme weather official advice rewritten to remove climate change link   UNFCCC Headlines: Hot Zone - Is climate change destabilizing Iraq?   UNFCCC Headlines: Will Climate Change Spark Conflict in Bangladesh?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change deal likely to succeed   UNFCCC Headlines: How high would a carbon tax really have to be to rein in climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: The road to Lima: crunch time for climate finance   UNFCCC Headlines: NASA to fight global warming from space   UNFCCC Headlines: Wall Street: Your Climate War Has Arrived   UNFCCC Headlines: Indonesia Overtakes Brazil for Worst Deforestation Title   UNFCCC Headlines: Abbott completely isolated by Palmer's "inconvenient senate"   UNFCCC Headlines: Ireland will bear brunt of flooding in climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossilized Bees Reveal Climate Changes   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: How Does Climate Change Affect Human Rights?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change prompting Arctic birds to breed early   UNFCCC Headlines: UK Green Investment Bank To Raise £1 Billion For Offshore Wind   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Globe-Trotting VW Bus   UNFCCC Headlines: Rhode Island signs off new climate change law   UNFCCC Headlines: WMO: 80% chance of El Niño by December 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: Does carbon capture and storage need a makeover?   UNFCCC Headlines: Singapore’s Sports Hub marks new dawn for solar industry   UNFCCC Headlines: Joe Manchin, Sheldon Whitehouse seek middle ground on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: UK infrastructure neglected and at risk from climate change, engineers warn   UNFCCC Headlines: ALP lists Abbott climate change 'whoppers'   UNFCCC Headlines: What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate?   UNFCCC Headlines: UK Doctors Vote to End Investments in the Fossil Fuel Industry   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama Calls Climate-Change Skeptics 'Fringe' Element   UNFCCC Headlines: Grim toll of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Fighting Climate Change Is Profitable: Mexico’s Calderon   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada: Federal climate change report warns of economic, health impacts   UNFCCC Headlines: Half of the World's Population will be Exposed to Frequent Still Air Events by End of 21st Century   UNFCCC Headlines: Former Bush Treasury Secretary: We Can Prevent A 'Climate Crash' With A Carbon Tax   UNFCCC Headlines: Sustainable development goals face $2.5 trillion funding shortfall   UNFCCC Headlines: Cameroon: Congo, Amazon Basins Climate Change Report Presented   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: Lack of 'Political Will' Hampering Environmental Laws (Interview)   UNFCCC Headlines: British offshore wind energy fund launched   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany Sets Three National Solar Records in Two Weeks   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. to face multibillion-dollar bill from climate change: report   UNFCCC Headlines: G20 summit: Obama expected to discuss 'critical issue' of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: France launches financing plan for energy transition   UNFCCC Headlines: Top court mostly upholds Obama bid to curb carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: UK and Germany break solar power records   UNFCCC Headlines: New UN Assembly Pushes Climate Change, Environment As Top World Priority   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank: Climate policies could generate $2.6 trillion a year   UNFCCC Headlines: EU mulls cutting energy use by 35%   UNFCCC Headlines: Evidence grows that warming Arctic may cause extreme weather   UNFCCC Headlines: US mayors unanimously pass climate change ideas   UNFCCC Headlines: Too Hot to Handle   UNFCCC Headlines: Parts Of America Will Be 'Unsuited For Outdoor Activity' Thanks To Climate Change, Report Finds   UNFCCC Headlines: [Editorial] The Coming Climate Crash - Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession   UNFCCC Headlines: Former Bush Treasury Secretary: We Can Prevent A ‘Climate Crash’ With A Carbon Tax   UNFCCC Headlines: Cough, Cough: Climate Change May Worsen Air Pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Australians unhappy over Coalition's response to climate challenge   UNFCCC Headlines: Emperor penguins are adapting to climate change in surprising ways   UNFCCC Headlines: Leaders must be serious about Climate Change- Former Prez. Kufuor   UNFCCC Headlines: Wanted in the Caribbean: Regional response to global climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Mayors Sign Climate Protection Agreement, Endorse Innovative Climate Solutions   UNFCCC Headlines: [Opinion] Keep the climate, change the economy   UNFCCC Headlines: Could future clothes, bottles and chairs be made from carbon emissions?   UNFCCC Headlines: A quarter of India's land is turning into desert: minister   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe on track for 2020 energy efficiency goal: report   UNFCCC Headlines: China completes rollout of pilot carbon markets   UNFCCC Headlines: Seven EU countries demand binding energy efficiency target   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: The Right Call on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Asian Development Bank injects Rs 310 crore into Welspun's clean energy firm   UNFCCC Headlines: South Australia Might Be 1st 100% Renewable Energy Mainland State   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan to offer green tech to India to cut carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: May 2014 was world's hottest May in recorded history   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: Countdown to Paris: Q&A With UN Climate Change Official Halldor Thorgeirsson   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change activists: your focus on food insecurity is backfiring   UNFCCC Headlines: China and the UK declare global warming is 'one of the greatest challenges facing the world'   UNFCCC Headlines: To limit forest loss, Burkina Faso brings communities into decision making   UNFCCC Headlines: World's energy systems vulnerable to climate impacts, report warns   UNFCCC Headlines: We can turn the tide of climate change by working with China (by Ed Davey)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change threatens tourism as ski slopes thaw, seas rise   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama moves to protect vast Pacific Ocean areas   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean needs $30 bln to overhaul ageing infrastructure -bank   UNFCCC Headlines: 'We are in an ever-changing straight jacket'   UNFCCC Headlines: How the insurance industry sees climate change (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: China readies for an energy revolution   UNFCCC Headlines: Programme underway to protect Mt Kilimanjaro from degradation   UNFCCC Headlines: UN hails progress at latest Bonn climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: New commitments by US, China boost fight against global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Kingdom, UAE to jointly develop renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: "Bonn wird viele Konferenzen bekommen"   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change will ‘cost world far more than estimated’   UNFCCC Headlines: Rising sea levels could affect one-fifth of HCM City by 2100   UNFCCC Headlines: Kerry calls for concerted global action to protect oceans   UNFCCC Headlines: Berlin pushes Brussels to expedite emissions trading reforms   UNFCCC Headlines: Mitigation or adaptation? That is not an option (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany backs EU carbon market reform by 2017   UNFCCC Headlines: SKN Preps Climate Change Action Plan For Water Resources   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Expect the Unexpected   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: historians will look back and ask 'why didn't they act?'   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon pricing won't solve climate change. Innovation will.   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief urges G77 to work on anti-poverty goal   UNFCCC Headlines: Beijing emitters ignore carbon scheme, question government authority: media   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Countries that Contributed Less are Most Vulnerable   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate negotiations yet to begin in earnest in Bonn   UNFCCC Headlines: UK chief scientist calls for urgent debate on climate change mitigation   UNFCCC Headlines: Steps Towards Paris 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: Small island developing state event aims for alliances   UNFCCC Headlines: EU hopes to set out CO2 pledge in time for Ban Ki-moon climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific presidents speak out against Australia's stand on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: how businesses can deal with America's most divisive issue   UNFCCC Headlines: Next big idea in forest conservation? 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