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UNFCCC Headlines: CO2 emissions threaten ocean crisis   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany to mothball largest coal power plants to meet climate targets   UNFCCC Headlines: Why South Australia is eyeing a renewable future   UNFCCC Headlines: Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: 3 EU regions sign ‘Under 2 MOU’ to limit global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean States 'lighting path' towards sustainable future, says UN chief in Barbados   UNFCCC Headlines: Rising number of local governments set targets to cut emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Regions on four continents vow to cut carbon at ‘summit of stars’   UNFCCC Headlines: Iowa Catholic leaders: Politicians must address climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Anuncian en Francia declaración sobre compromisos para combate a cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: INTERVIEW: "Climate change is in everybody's backyard" – Robert Redford   UNFCCC Headlines: Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists predict polar bear population crash   UNFCCC Headlines: Alaska’s Glaciers Melt Faster as Climate Change Speeds Up   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities, regions, demand bigger climate say   UNFCCC Headlines: 1,700 cities stress local action key to UN climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossil heavy FTSE 100 threatens UK economic stability – report   UNFCCC Headlines: Lyon celebra la cumbre mundial de regiones contra el cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Les villes pour le climat   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. warns of risks as Europe enjoys scorcher   UNFCCC Headlines: Greenhouse gas pledges bolster hopes for global deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund shortlists projects worth $500m   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S., China and Brazil Commit to New Climate Change Goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Global Climate Pact Gains Momentum as China, U.S. and Brazil Detail Plans   UNFCCC Headlines: China makes carbon pledge ahead of Paris climate change summit   UNFCCC Headlines: China’s new climate change plan — in four graphs   UNFCCC Headlines: US and Brazil agree on ambitious climate change agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Opinião - KAKÁ: Ganhando o jogo das nossas vidas   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático: la temperatura media subió 0,5° en la Argentina   UNFCCC Headlines: Rafael Correa propone crear una Corte Internacional de Justicia Ambiental   UNFCCC Headlines: Pace of climate talks far too slow: UN chief   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief: Climate negotiations moving at a 'snail's pace'   UNFCCC Headlines: Robert Redford urges global action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: China to unveil UN climate pledges imminently: Li   UNFCCC Headlines: China works for 'win-win' climate plan, poised for U.N. pledge   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate deal will come too late for Kiribati, says leader   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich countries' $100bn promise to fight climate change 'not delivered'   UNFCCC Headlines: Realistic Goals for the Paris Climate Conference (by Michael Bloomberg)   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Paris deal on climate change should reflect differentiated responsiblities'   UNFCCC Headlines: Advanced developing countries quartet BASIC puts out vision of proposed Paris Agreement   UNFCCC Headlines: US climate deniers call Paris summit 'a threat' to the world   UNFCCC Headlines: EU ministers set to call for ambitious Paris climate deal, say reports   UNFCCC Headlines: Ils mouillent la chemise pour réduire la pollution à Lyon   UNFCCC Headlines: Inter-religious march in Rome demands action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil, China, India, South Africa in push for climate financing   UNFCCC Headlines: Time to step up game on climate change (by Robert Redford)   UNFCCC Headlines: Broad coalition formed to seek common ground on tackling climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: China's UN Climate Pledges 'Expected': Report   UNFCCC Headlines: Barack Obama turns tables in David Attenborough climate change interview   UNFCCC Headlines: Iceland to Reveal Paris Climate Summit Goals This Week   UNFCCC Headlines: Bill Gates discusses climate change with French president – video   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama and Brazilian President Rousseff to talk climate change next week   UNFCCC Headlines: Gates to double investment in renewable energy projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Cientos de personas marcharán el domingo en Roma contra el cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Los ciudadanos son más conscientes de cambio climático que sus líderes   UNFCCC Headlines: Coral breeding may help cooler reefs survive warming-study   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil Majors Urged by UN to Plan for Phasing Out Fossil Fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: EU ministers seek ambitious, binding deal at Paris climate talks -draft   UNFCCC Headlines: Big oil companies must work harder on climate, says U.N.   UNFCCC Headlines: Indonesia Has Key Role in Climate Change Battle, Says IPCC   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate pressures threaten political stability - security experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Unnatural Disaster: How Global Warming Helped Cause India’s Catastrophic Flood   UNFCCC Headlines: Study Suggests Key Role for Warming in Extreme Weather   UNFCCC Headlines: G7: Make ‘climate fragility’ a foreign policy priority   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate campaigners win court case against Dutch government   UNFCCC Headlines: Sunny Side ’15: Helping viewers warm up to climate change docs   UNFCCC Headlines: Will Greece go hungry if it exits the euro? That's a question for the insurance industry   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático obligará a sembrar el café cada vez a más altura   UNFCCC Headlines: Environmental protesters scale New Zealand parliament roof   UNFCCC Headlines: Wildfires blister Alaska with increased frequency, intensity   UNFCCC Headlines: Top doctors' prescription for feverish planet: Cut out coal   UNFCCC Headlines: Weather Channel taking active stance on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: White House outlines long-term costs of inaction on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: Asia renewable bond market set for takeoff: ADB   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change health risk is a "medical emergency", experts warn   UNFCCC Headlines: Sahel gets surprise rainfall boon from climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change could lead to smaller loaves of bread in 2050, scientists say   UNFCCC Headlines: Opinion: The Oceans Need the Spotlight Now   UNFCCC Headlines: El cambio climático pone en peligro los avances sanitarios de medio siglo   UNFCCC Headlines: Iberdrola calls for energy reforms to back ‘efficient’ renewables   UNFCCC Headlines: Yoga can help deal with climate change (comment)   UNFCCC Headlines: ACT Government signs up to two international climate change agreements   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris climate summit: France wants a pre-meet on deal outline   UNFCCC Headlines: Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt: 'Climate change ... the great challenge for humanity over the next 100 years' (comment)   UNFCCC Headlines: The Left and Right Try to Lobby Pope Francis Months Ahead of U.S. Visit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change turning sacred land against Navajo   UNFCCC Headlines: The Earth stands on the brink of its sixth mass extinction and the fault is ours   UNFCCC Headlines: John Prescott: World leaders should listen to the Pope on the climate (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Anglicans should fast once a month for climate justice, says Bishop of Salisbury   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis: 'Revolution' needed to combat climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Activists, U.N. celebrate pope's call to arms on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Moral imperative to address climate change, says UN Chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis: 'Revolution' needed to combat climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope: Earth has turned into an "immense pile of filth"   UNFCCC Headlines: Release of encyclical reveals pope’s deep dive into climate science   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope attacks emissions trading as a possible 'ploy'   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change projects in poorest nations lose out in battle for funds   UNFCCC Headlines: Both Catholics, Non-Catholics Applaud Pope For Bold Remarks On Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: May 2015 was the hottest on record, say US govt scientists   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope to blame profiteers for killing the planet   UNFCCC Headlines: Record year for renewable power; heat, transport stay fossil   UNFCCC Headlines: Faith Leaders Stand With Pope Francis on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: EU calls for efforts to make Paris climate change talks successful   UNFCCC Headlines: EU ambassadors visit Green Knesset ahead of COP-21 climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Nitin Desai: What we need from Paris (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: National carbon market may start by end of 2016   UNFCCC Headlines: Mark Ruffalo talks climate change and what you can do about it   UNFCCC Headlines: Asia must invest more in clean energy to cope with climate change, says ADB   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático: la cita de París, vital para el futuro   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope takes climate to papacy’s heart   UNFCCC Headlines: La France dévoile sa stratégie bas carbone   UNFCCC Headlines: Will India phase out fossil fuels as pledged by G7 nations?   UNFCCC Headlines: Campaigning for the climate: activism, arrests and hopes   UNFCCC Headlines: White House secures $4 billion in investments for clean energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Funds lacking to help poor tackle climate impacts, says World Bank   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru climate pledge hinges on forests wager   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Children can change the world for sure’   UNFCCC Headlines: Mombasa draws up master plan to combat worsening flooding   UNFCCC Headlines: Ahead of pope's climate message, U.S. Catholics split on cause of global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Gov. Brown, UN Official Talk Climate ‘Threat’ In LA   UNFCCC Headlines: Brown says California to lead on fighting climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: China to join EU in pledge to get Paris climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: China ‘deserves more credit’ for renewable energy effort   UNFCCC Headlines: Adaptation Funding a Key Issue for Caribbean at Climate Talks   UNFCCC Headlines: 80 Day Race to start in Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis, in leaked draft letter, calls for curbing global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean goals could cut dirty jobs   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris climate summit must be start of frequent carbon reviews, says IEA   UNFCCC Headlines: Businesses call on European Commission to deliver post-2020 carbon market reform plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change conference in Paris later this year is of global importance   UNFCCC Headlines: NZ should expect more droughts - climate change issues minister   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis to Explore Climate’s Effect on World’s Poor   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists say climate change hastened demise of Latin America's oldest civilization   UNFCCC Headlines: Weak climate plans mean world set to overshoot temperature goal - IEA   UNFCCC Headlines: China reaffirms 2030 climate commitments: State Council   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change and the Road to Paris: It's All About that Trust (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe’s cities push back at big energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Women must be at the forefront of climate change solutions   UNFCCC Headlines: The world is off course to prevent two degrees C of warming, says energy agency   UNFCCC Headlines: Draft text for global climate deal due by end-October: official   UNFCCC Headlines: UN to present new ‘streamlined’ climate text in July   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N.: Pope's encyclical may have 'major impact' on climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Nations warn time running short to prepare Paris climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate talks inch forward, putting off tough decisions   UNFCCC Headlines: October bid for climate text after troubled round   UNFCCC Headlines: Bonn meeting ends with last-minute compromise on Paris climate text   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change progress 'too slow'   UNFCCC Headlines: Bonn climate summit brings us slowly closer to a global deal   UNFCCC Headlines: What Elephant? Bonn Climate Talks Fail to Tackle Big Questions   UNFCCC Headlines: La mayoría de ciudadanos pide un acuerdo vinculante frente al cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: FAO alerta de modificaciones en el campo por el cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Worldwide study finds high concern about fixing climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Poorest states urge action on climate damage in Paris deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Green groups urge ban on corporate polluters at UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: What countries have offered for Paris climate agreement   UNFCCC Headlines: Pharrell Williams calls on leaders to deliver green jobs at UN climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Pakistan crafts plan to cut carbon emissions 30pc by 2025   UNFCCC Headlines: On final day, Bonn climate talks seek exit from text mire   UNFCCC Headlines: Keep big oil, coal and gas away from table, 224,000 urge UNFCCC   UNFCCC Headlines: Pressure grows at U.N. climate talks for clearer deal outline   UNFCCC Headlines: Forest protection scheme sewn up at UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Multinationals throw weight behind UN climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: China, India reject calls for tougher climate goal at UN talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Forests Win Big In Bonn Climate Breakthrough   UNFCCC Headlines: British companies call for government action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Faith groups in “People’s Pilgrimage” seek climate deal boost from Pope   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate peril stirring in permafrost, experts tell UN   UNFCCC Headlines: World Leaders' Actions Heat Up Over Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: White House unveils $34m climate plan to disaster-proof developing countries   UNFCCC Headlines: One Earth, One Ocean (by Christiana Figueres and José María Figueres)   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 climate vision requires gargantuan economic shift   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 leaders bid 'Auf Wiedersehen' to carbon fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 to support climate insurance for poor, finance disappoints   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 leaders wrap up summit with pledges and warnings   UNFCCC Headlines: Faith groups seek climate deal boost from Pope, pilgrimage   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists Are Coming Up With 'Last Ditch' Remedies for Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: India insists on draft agreement for pre-2020 climate actions at Bonn   UNFCCC Headlines: Do 'whatever it takes' for a deal, says majority in global climate survey   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate talks stall despite G7 push on carbon   UNFCCC Headlines: New UN climate fund to take risks to promote green tech   UNFCCC Headlines: California keeps talking climate change, but who’s listening?   UNFCCC Headlines: We’re headed to Paris. But where did we come from?   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Big oil’ split over climate-change risk as Paris talks loom   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change action on Obama, Merkel’s G7 agendas   UNFCCC Headlines: COP21 in Paris is 'moment of truth'   UNFCCC Headlines: David Cameron told to push climate agenda at G7 summit   UNFCCC Headlines: China greenhouse gases: Progress is made, report says   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese emissions may peak by 2025, says analysis   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan says open to G7 carbon emissions target   UNFCCC Headlines: Norway confirms major divestment from coal   UNFCCC Headlines: Trouble looms as warmer oceans push marine life toward the poles   UNFCCC Headlines: Path to 2 C emerges as thorn at climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate debate takes global pulse ahead of Paris summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Unique consultation brings climate down to the citizens   UNFCCC Headlines: Environment Ministry begins consultations for climate action report to UN   UNFCCC Headlines: France needs climate deal push   UNFCCC Headlines: Hindustan Zinc celebrates World Environment Day   UNFCCC Headlines: West must pay up to secure deal at Paris climate change summit, warns Fabius   UNFCCC Headlines: UN invites world’s seven billion people to become agents of change on World Environment Day   UNFCCC Headlines: UN says China to make pledge for climate treaty this month   UNFCCC Headlines: New fed data shows no stopping or slowing of global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors need climate change behavioral shift: study   UNFCCC Headlines: EU regulators find some industries may need another 10 years of free carbon credits   UNFCCC Headlines: Bonn climate talks start slow as hefty text avoids chop   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia questioned on climate change policies at UN meeting in Germany   UNFCCC Headlines: Nations meet in Germany to refine global climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: On the way to a historic agreement on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: G7, EU still lag UN's global warming target, says monitor   UNFCCC Headlines: Private Citizens Meet on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: California lawmakers advance aggressive climate change plans   UNFCCC Headlines: China’s national carbon market: When, where and how?   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich states can't meet 2020 climate aid goal alone: researchers   UNFCCC Headlines: State Senate OKs climate change bill, seeks to ban new offshore drilling   UNFCCC Headlines: The Cultural and Geopolitical Impacts of Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: UN weighs up climate threat in new development goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Could climate resilience market top $200bn?   UNFCCC Headlines: Minister blames India's heatwave on climate change, as death toll reaches 2,500   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil majors' climate call exposes U.S.-Europe rift on carbon pricing   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate effort under pressure for pre-pact action   UNFCCC Headlines: India minister blames climate change for deadly heatwave, weak monsoon   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Conference for Climate Change Features Workshops on Gender and Climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-moon urges governments to invest in low carbon energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Lord Stern: India must tackle 'worrying' coal use   UNFCCC Headlines: Rousseff’s Washington Visit Spurs Talks on Climate-Change Divide   UNFCCC Headlines: Global CO2 pricing seen unlikely to be big part of Paris climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan PM Abe unveils carbon cutting target   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Global warming risks changes to ocean life unprecedented in the last 3 million years   UNFCCC Headlines: François Hollande calls for 'miracle' climate agreement at Paris talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Why the Paris Climate Summit might actually work   UNFCCC Headlines: New round of UN talks seeks a shape to climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: France seeks new impetus for climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate talks "inadequate," says French ecology minister Royal   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Climate Deal in Paris May End Up Burying 2 Degree Goal   UNFCCC Headlines: French minister: 2015 climate deal must avoid US Congress   UNFCCC Headlines: France suggests world leaders at start, not end, of climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Editing The Climate Talkers: Punctuation's Effect On Earth's Fate   UNFCCC Headlines: China cautions French calls for speedy UN climate pact   UNFCCC Headlines: Nuevas negociaciones en Bonn para buscar un acuerdo contra el cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: La mayor alianza por el clima en España urge a la acción y al despertar de la sociedad   UNFCCC Headlines: Bonn U.N. talks seek to trim unwieldy climate change plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Will the Bonn climate talks take world closer to a Paris deal?   UNFCCC Headlines: France steps up efforts to produce crucial draft text to guide countries at Bonn talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia to face climate questions in Germany   UNFCCC Headlines: India to seek more funds from rich nations at climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: World has policy handle 'on 75% of emissions'   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: The bumpy road to the Paris talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate talks resume in Bonn as clock ticks on UN deal   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate talks resume to prepare deal on greenhouse gases   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Impulse plane starts six-day Pacific Ocean crossing powered only by the sun   UNFCCC Headlines: Sir Ranulph Fiennes calls for urgent action on climate change after witnessing Arctic melting   UNFCCC Headlines: French minister backs Obama, says climate change threatens global security   UNFCCC Headlines: Coalition of island nations to take part in Paris Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Media failing on climate-change coverage (opinion/commentary)   UNFCCC Headlines: Das WCCB ist startbereit   UNFCCC Headlines: Everything you always wanted to know about the U.N. climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: What is your climate change business plan? (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Children the most vulnerable to impacts of climate change, doctors say   UNFCCC Headlines: Super typhoons to increase in strength with climate change, researchers find   UNFCCC Headlines: France defends 'imperfect' fossil fuel sponsors for Paris climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil giants brush up climate credentials ahead of Paris summit   UNFCCC Headlines: UNESCO says Great Barrier Reef not in danger   UNFCCC Headlines: Mid-year talks to shape fate of climate pact   UNFCCC Headlines: This has been a month of extreme weather around the world   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Fosters Use of Pre-2020 Carbon Credits for Climate Plans   UNFCCC Headlines: David Cameron: 'It’s time the market got to work on climate change'   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank sets methane price floor to cut emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank sets date, start price for $25 million U.N. CO2 credit auction   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming is ruining some prized French red wines   UNFCCC Headlines: Government to train 50,000 people to become solar professionals   UNFCCC Headlines: Don't burden future generations by leaving emissions cuts to them: Garnaut   UNFCCC Headlines: France invites Britain's Prince Charles to Paris climate conference   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change compounding natural disasters - Obama   UNFCCC Headlines: Financial markets ignore climate impacts at their peril: experts   UNFCCC Headlines: How the U.S. West Can Live with Fire   UNFCCC Headlines: Green investment bonds growing but rules needed to boost appeal   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon pricing winning favour with tiger economies   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon tax or trade? Debate loses steam as world embraces both   UNFCCC Headlines: UNDP to give Bangladesh $8.75m for climate change adaptation   UNFCCC Headlines: Climat : des ONG dénoncent le financement de la COP21 par des « champions de la pollution »   UNFCCC Headlines: Ben & Jerry’s Is Using Its New Ice Cream Flavor To Talk About Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Corporate sponsorship of UN climate talks sparks NGO ire   UNFCCC Headlines: Queen's Speech: UK to combat climate change but end new subsidy for onshore wind   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate of change: The Catholic church's dance with science   UNFCCC Headlines: Global finance must face up to climate challenge   UNFCCC Headlines: European Parliament committee approves carbon reform from 2019   UNFCCC Headlines: Don Felipe destaca la importancia que tiene luchar contra el cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Avec la COP21, Fabius veut conjurer l'échec de Copenhague   UNFCCC Headlines: Prix du carbone : quels sont les enjeux?   UNFCCC Headlines: World's least-polluting nations aim to set Paris climate bar high   UNFCCC Headlines: Global green bond market touched $37 billion in 2014: Moody’s   UNFCCC Headlines: Why oil firms want a say in global climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Political mood good for climate deal: France's Fabius   UNFCCC Headlines: Energy industry calls for new emissions targets to aid low-carbon growth   UNFCCC Headlines: World has no choice but to decarbonise - UN climate chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Axa to divest from high-risk coal funds due to threat of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: French president revives political duo with his ex   UNFCCC Headlines: Catholics organize to promote pope's climate change message   UNFCCC Headlines: Malawi forests shrink as power deficit fuels charcoal business   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief seeks ‘global action’ on climate change this year   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S., Canada and Mexico create new climate change partnership   UNFCCC Headlines: World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist   UNFCCC Headlines: Fiji to benefit from Japan's climate change aid package   UNFCCC Headlines: Something to sneeze at: Climate change to worsen ragweed counts in Europe, just like America   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris Can't Be Another Copenhagen (by Kevin Rudd)   UNFCCC Headlines: Global news organisations agree to share climate change content   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossil fuel giants reject calls to keep oil, gas and coal in ground   UNFCCC Headlines: UN tasks Africa on climate change impact on food security   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Some Companies Reject ‘Business as Usual’   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil Giants Band Together to Add Voice to Climate Debate   UNFCCC Headlines: Time for companies to show true colors on climate change (op-ed)   UNFCCC Headlines: Civil society said key to climate justice for the Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: Abe to meet Pacific island leaders to talk aid, disasters   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil's ditching of climate change targets may not signal policy shift   UNFCCC Headlines: Bahrain to host major forum on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: France's Hollande concerned about slow progress in climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: At Coast Guard graduation, Obama warns of climate change threat to national security   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama calls climate change an 'indisputable' security threat   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope's No. 2 offers new insights into climate encyclical   UNFCCC Headlines: France wants business world to help curb climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Time short for global climate deal in Paris, warns Hollande   UNFCCC Headlines: Coal and gas power dying out in Europe, says energy chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate countdown: 200 days to Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: China, Brazil to jointly address climate issues for sustainable growth   UNFCCC Headlines: California Joins 12-State Climate Change Agreement Ahead Of 2015 UN Conference In Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich countries urged to follow Merkel’s call on climate finance   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris Summit will drive renewables growth, utilities say   UNFCCC Headlines: Major Antarctic Ice Shelf May Disappear by 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: German ministry softens CO2 emission demands for power plants   UNFCCC Headlines: Merkel, Hollande commit to global climate protection   UNFCCC Headlines: Mountains hold climate change surprise, scientists find   UNFCCC Headlines: Global businesses must lead the way on climate action (by Laurent Fabius and Christiana Figueres)   UNFCCC Headlines: Corporate CO2 targets will fail to deliver on 2C target, report warns   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors worth $25tr reveal plan for tackling climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Cabbages trump coffee for Tanzania's climate-stressed farmers   UNFCCC Headlines: Oxford University says will not invest in coal, tar sands companies   UNFCCC Headlines: India seeks climate change roadmap from developed nations   UNFCCC Headlines: IMF says energy subsidized by $5.3 trillion worldwide   UNFCCC Headlines: Will the Paris business summit mobilise support for climate action?   UNFCCC Headlines: Fabius: Momentum growing behind long term climate target   UNFCCC Headlines: Progress on sustainable energy improving, but 'world must move faster' – UN backed-report   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate talks can't fail as there is no alternative planet, says French minister   UNFCCC Headlines: France calls for prompt climate declarations at Berlin talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Unilever boss urges world leaders to reduce carbon output   UNFCCC Headlines: French Foreign Minister Fabius in China to push climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Fighting Climate Change Will Take Economic Innovation, Too   UNFCCC Headlines: March of the Penguins director to close Cannes with climate change film Ice and the Sky   UNFCCC Headlines: Dhaka slum dwellers among most vulnerable to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Tuvalu’s capital atoll grows despite sea level rise   UNFCCC Headlines: Concordia announces honorary doctorate recipients   UNFCCC Headlines: Has the Kyoto protocol made any difference to carbon emissions? (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada plans to cut emissions by 30 percent by 2030   UNFCCC Headlines: Poor Land Use Worsens Climate Change in St. Vincent   UNFCCC Headlines: Charlize Theron: Mad Max landscape awaits unless we tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: New climate deal seen aiding GDP, lacking sanctions: U.N. chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Figueres Optimistic Ahead of Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Why the Marshall Islands are rocking the boat at UN shipping talks   UNFCCC Headlines: China coal decline continues as economy flatlines   UNFCCC Headlines: European Commission drops demand to cut fossil fuel subsidies   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris climate deal to boost global economic growth, says Figueres   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate official pans Arctic drilling in subtle slap at Obama administration   UNFCCC Headlines: How will the world react to Pope Francis's encyclical on climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Budget 2015: An assault on Australia's climate programs   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 energy ministers upbeat on Paris climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope: God will judge you on whether you cared for Earth   UNFCCC Headlines: Green road to Paris (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: UK Tories to slow onshore wind; Brazil’s renewables get a boost   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific works on responses to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Beyond borders: India, China must show climate stewardship (comment)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate deal will prove all are on board (by Laurence Tubiana)   UNFCCC Headlines: Will a Paris climate change pact have any teeth?   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe quietly shelves forestry debate ahead of Paris climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: French organisations to host climate change events next week   UNFCCC Headlines: Start now for cheaper carbon-free growth - World Bank   UNFCCC Headlines: Sea Levels Rose at Faster Pace, Study Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Two Guys In Paris Aim To Charm The World Into Climate Action   UNFCCC Headlines: Government, business leaders address climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank says carbon pricing will be key to reaching U.N.’s zero-emission goal   UNFCCC Headlines: An anthology of poetry on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Troubling new research suggests global warming will cut wheat yields   UNFCCC Headlines: To address climate change, MIT lab seeks the wisdom of crowds   UNFCCC Headlines: When opera takes on the big issues   UNFCCC Headlines: What to make of recent emission trends? (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: French president says UN climate fund could help Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: Can Latin America blaze a trail towards a Paris climate deal?   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean Looks to Paris Climate Summit for Its Very Survival   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean Leaders Sign off on Climate Change Declaration   UNFCCC Headlines: Greater youth involvement in climate change sensitisation encouraged   UNFCCC Headlines: Weather and conflict in Africa: It's almost winter and 'strike season' in South Africa; war more likely in hot years   UNFCCC Headlines: Growing Antarctic sea ice limiting access to continent   UNFCCC Headlines: Is the G20 getting serious about climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: we must look to international agencies to save the world   UNFCCC Headlines: The world's potentially catastrophic gas problem   UNFCCC Headlines: Australian MP's adviser says U.N. using climate change for 'new world order'   UNFCCC Headlines: Poor nations urged to push rich nations to pay for environmental damages   UNFCCC Headlines: Fertile but fragile Bangladesh at climate risk   UNFCCC Headlines: China, US in leadership position in emission reduction: UN climate chief   UNFCCC Headlines: Is it global warming or just the weather?   UNFCCC Headlines: Intl consortium to submit document to UNFCCC before Paris climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Country on target to meet its annual energy saving goal   UNFCCC Headlines: Experts: CO2 commitments already fall short   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change aggravates ‘pollen tsunami’, more people suffer allergies   UNFCCC Headlines: EU grants support Rwanda land tenure regularization programme   UNFCCC Headlines: The world's poor need clean energy - not fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Big Oil’s Disruptive Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climat : « La question du financement peut faire dérailler la COP 21 »   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief says technology has changed carbon politics   UNFCCC Headlines: Bank of America's New Policy to Limit Credit Exposure to Coal   UNFCCC Headlines: Global average CO2 skyrockets past significant benchmark, NOAA says   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany, the Green Superpower (op-ed)   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean tech seen as game changer for women in energy sector   UNFCCC Headlines: Meet The Woman Helping Native American Communities Get Ready For Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Policy: Climate advisers must maintain integrity (comment)   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate change leader Christiana Figueres urges Australia to take the lead in Paris negotiations   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Lawmakers Reach Deal to Advance Carbon Reform to 2019   UNFCCC Headlines: French ambassador urges Australia to join climate change battle   UNFCCC Headlines: European companies close to exhausting cheap U.N. carbon credits   UNFCCC Headlines: Ghana’s bicycle which is creating jobs while it saves the soil   UNFCCC Headlines: Philippines climate envoy urges Paris review of warming goal   UNFCCC Headlines: Energy-producing states blast Obama climate change plan   UNFCCC Headlines: China, EU working on common approach on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: UN’s message to Australia: Even Saudi Arabia can change   UNFCCC Headlines: Can India lead on green buildings, clean energy and corporate sustainability?   UNFCCC Headlines: Pakistan pushes to put stalled climate policy into action   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Cutting carbon dioxide saves 3,500 US lives a year   UNFCCC Headlines: Fjords are unexpected natural allies against climate change: study   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change sparks tension in India's tea gardens   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe's top carbon emitters swap 255 million UN offsets for EU permits   UNFCCC Headlines: Meet the woman leading the charge on solving climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Carib stakes out ‘Red Lines’ for Paris climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Qatar’s efforts on climate change mitigation lauded   UNFCCC Headlines: E.P.A. Carbon Emissions Plan Could Save Thousands of Lives, Study Finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris 2015: Two degrees warming a 'prescription for disaster' says top climate scientist James Hansen   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris climate summit: Carbon pledges to fall short of warming goal, Stern warns   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund: Minister urges countries to fulfill commitments   UNFCCC Headlines: Jane Goodall: why I fear for the apes as climate change intensifies   UNFCCC Headlines: China says climate change threatens major projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Limiting global warming to 2 degrees 'inadequate', scientists say   UNFCCC Headlines: Pilot to fly solar plane across Pacific for 5 days, 5 nights   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief meets Labor environment ministers   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria set to reduce emissions in new climate action plan   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Urges Government Urged To Accelerate Contributions To Green Climate Fund   UNFCCC Headlines: Current carbon pledges won't stop dangerous global warming, says Lord Stern   UNFCCC Headlines: California governor orders country’s most aggressive emission cut goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change will significantly affect Australians’ health, report finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Charles Koch Admits Climate Change is Real   UNFCCC Headlines: Prospective Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Scores High In New 'Climate Hawk' Ranking   UNFCCC Headlines: US State dept labels climate change “strategic priority”   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change is melting Arctic archaeological sites   UNFCCC Headlines: In Paris, Ban discusses Mediterranean crisis and climate change with President Hollande   UNFCCC Headlines: BRICS to push cooperation on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Court orders UK to cut NO2 air pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: G20 to assess ‘carbon bubble’ threat – media reports   UNFCCC Headlines: Nearly half of top pension funds gambling on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change, to Conservatives’ Alarm   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossil fuel industry must change profoundly, says former Shell boss   UNFCCC Headlines: Christine Milne on how to go net-zero by 2040   UNFCCC Headlines: How will Paris approach carbon pricing? (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany Seeks G7 Climate Financing Pledge to Aid Poorest Nations   UNFCCC Headlines: Heatwaves Caused By Climate Change 75% Of the Time, Study Finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Prince Charles on brink of ending all fossil fuel investments   UNFCCC Headlines: India commits to phasing out HFCs   UNFCCC Headlines: Kiwi scientists find ways to cut methane emissions by up to 90 per cent   UNFCCC Headlines: « L’enthousiasme de l’Australie pour les énergies fossiles reste intact !»   UNFCCC Headlines: Arctic nations to fight climate change despite Russia tensions   UNFCCC Headlines: After diplomatic blitz, EU sees progress by June towards U.N. climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Abbott’s Maligned Climate Change Measures Face French Scrutiny   UNFCCC Headlines: Local Government Super is ranked number one the Global Climate Index, while Australian funds collectively rank second in the world   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada needs new policies to meet emissions reduction goal, Harper says   UNFCCC Headlines: GOP Weighs How to Undercut Obama’s Climate Talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate tracker: What’s happened to pledges for Paris summit?   UNFCCC Headlines: Picture it: A 1,000-year exposure showing a changing Earth   UNFCCC Headlines: China is building a Great Wall of Trees to fight climate change and the encroaching Gobi Desert   UNFCCC Headlines: Success in Paris climate talks may require 'uniform voice' from business leaders, group says   UNFCCC Headlines: Kerry, on eve of Arctic summit, calls for citizen pressure on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: In Indonesia, making REDD+ about carbon won't help biodiversity: study   UNFCCC Headlines: Don’t judge Paris on level of carbon cuts, say top emitters   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan hikes target for emissions cuts to about 25 pct by 2030-media   UNFCCC Headlines: US announces plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada will match other industrialized nations' CO2 cuts: PM   UNFCCC Headlines: Malaysia to raise climate change during Asean summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Martinique welcomes a preparatory summit to the 21st conference of the UN on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Costa Rica Continues Record Run 100% Renewable Electricity   UNFCCC Communication: ARM/COM/4 E   UNFCCC Headlines: Report finds China could feasibly get most of its energy from renewables by 2050   UNFCCC Headlines: What Will It Take For Humanity To Listen To Scientists?   UNFCCC Headlines: UAE’s push for low-carbon growth lauded   UNFCCC Headlines: Ocean output rivals big nations' GDP, but resources eroding   UNFCCC Headlines: McDonald's to axe deforestation from its global supply chain   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama visits the Everglades to talk about climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia urged to explain funding for climate contrarian   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘The power to change begins with you,’ says Ban, urging sustainable choices on Mother Earth Day   UNFCCC Headlines: Private sector to chip in for COP 21   UNFCCC Headlines: Earth Day 2015: Find Out What Environmental Problems 20 Latin American Countries Face   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming: Scientists say temperatures could rise by 6C by 2100 and call for action ahead of UN meeting in Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Don't view climate change 'a business opportunity': Prakash Javadekar, Environment Minister   UNFCCC Headlines: John Kerry: On Earth Day, time running out for climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia should cut emissions by 30% by 2025 to catch up, review says   UNFCCC Headlines: Beyonce Beats Environment as Media Favors Celebrity News   UNFCCC Headlines: Jim Yong Kim: The final push to end extreme poverty   UNFCCC Headlines: Fortune 500s Hitting The Hill On Earth Day   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia should 'get off sidelines' with 30 per cent emissions cut by 2025: report   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Paris 'last chance' for action   UNFCCC Headlines: The Pope, the Poor and Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Apple Makes New Commitment To Fight Climate Change, But Has A Long Way To Go   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change too important for dogm (editorial)   UNFCCC Headlines: AfDB steps up moves to fund climate agencies in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: Here’s What China Closing Coal-Power Plants Means for Emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Hollande sur la Conférence climat: «Plus j'avance, plus je regarde les obstacles»   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada’s GHG emissions rose in 2013, leaving little room to meet 2020 target   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia can cut emissions without harming economy   UNFCCC Headlines: Marshall Islands calls for curbs on maritime carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: France's Hollande sees many obstacles to climate deal in Paris   UNFCCC Communication: COD/COM/4 E   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama says 'no greater threat to planet than climate change'   UNFCCC Headlines: Gwen Stefani, Usher perform for thousands at Earth Day rally   UNFCCC Headlines: Boardrooms and public fuel momentum for climate change: experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate deals make 2015 ‘biggest year since 1945’, says UN envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia's 'Level Of Ambition' Over Emission Reduction Targets Questioned At UN   UNFCCC Headlines: India agrees to phase down HFC, seeks more time   UNFCCC Headlines: G7 agrees greater role for climate change in foreign policy   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia's Direct Action climate policy challenged by US, China and Brazil at the UN   UNFCCC Headlines: Developed world needs to walk the talk on climate change: Prakash Javadekar   UNFCCC Headlines: France backs fight against fossil fuel subsidies ahead of Paris climate change conference   UNFCCC Headlines: Judges Skeptical of Challenge to Proposed E.P.A. Rule on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Brazil to Offer Ambitious Climate Plan With More Renewables   UNFCCC Headlines: As foreign ministers meet on key world issues, will climate make the cut?   UNFCCC Headlines: Big U.S. investors push SEC for oil industry to detail risks of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Company bosses pledge emission cuts, call for strong Paris climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Figueres: National climate plans = “investment prospectuses”   UNFCCC Headlines: How can cities influence a global climate deal in Paris?   UNFCCC Headlines: AGL to shut all coal-fired power stations by 2050 in bid to limit global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Clear and critical’ need for sustainable energy targets in post-2015 agenda, UN deputy chief says   UNFCCC Headlines: Conference: Youth urged to fight climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: At UN-backed conference, Ban calls for more investment to achieve sustainable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Christiana Figueres: Canada vs. climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Ontario needs Ottawa’s help to fight climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: BP shareholders to vote on climate risk disclosure   UNFCCC Headlines: Chile eyes new environment rules to spur investment   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-Moon Presses Rich Nations for $100 Billion Climate Plan   UNFCCC Headlines: India and Climate Change: Will it be all Talk?   UNFCCC Headlines: Does Obama’s UN carbon pledge threaten much more US economic pain?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Plan Faces High-Profile Legal Test   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama’s climate change legacy at risk from conservative heartland   UNFCCC Headlines: Projects developed in Peru's rainforest awarded for reducing deforestation   UNFCCC Headlines: The provinces get it: Carbon pricing can be simple and efficient   UNFCCC Headlines: Dutch government taken to court on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Poland says allowances, not reforms start date, focus of carbon talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Art and Climate Change - Inspiring a Sustainable Future   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief to open Vatican climate change conference   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada provinces urge PM to take stronger action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Over-consumption, climate change threaten food security, water supply: FAO   UNFCCC Headlines: India builds first 'smart' city as urban population swells   UNFCCC Headlines: Nepal's community forests fight poverty and destruction   UNFCCC Headlines: Ontario and Quebec sign cap-and-trade deal, urge Ottawa to take leadership role   UNFCCC Headlines: Ontario confirms it will join Quebec, California in carbon market   UNFCCC Headlines: China to surpass U.S. as top cause of modern global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan's CO2 emissions hit second-highest on record   UNFCCC Headlines: France to invest two billion euros of climate-linked finance in India   UNFCCC Headlines: Sustainable development won't happen without the means to implement it   UNFCCC Headlines: Scrap fossil fuel subsidies now and bring in carbon tax, says World Bank chief   UNFCCC Headlines: MIT holds debate on divestment as part of 'climate change conversation'   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change has made a sailboat race through the Arctic possible   UNFCCC Headlines: Environment council finishes its largest congress   UNFCCC Headlines: India plans push for green bonds   UNFCCC Headlines: Modi gifts 'Tree of Life' painting to French President   UNFCCC Headlines: Forests can soak up a third of carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: New Zealand's forests shrinking, warns greenhouse gas emissions report   UNFCCC Headlines: France urges Australia to stick to its climate commitment   UNFCCC Headlines: Ottawa requests provincial input to devise national climate-change plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Vancouver commits to run on 100% renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis is a powerful messenger for climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Get ambitious on emissions cuts (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Is a Public Health Issue   UNFCCC Headlines: Tackling climate change is the ultimate no-brainer business strategy   UNFCCC Headlines: How are cities in the Philippines preparing for climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Face of New Zealand’s Insurance Industry Wants Climate Change Action   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama announces $20 mn for clean energy in Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: Closing the $70 Billion Climate Finance Gap   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris in Springtime Means Carry a Mask Along With Your Umbrella   UNFCCC Headlines: Michael Bloomberg targets Big Coal again with $30m donation to Sierra Club   UNFCCC Headlines: India and the Paris Climate Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: If We Dig Out All Our Fossil Fuels, Here’s How Hot We Can Expect It to Get   UNFCCC Headlines: Top development banks agree definition for climate finance   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan targets about 20 percent emissions cuts by 2030: media   UNFCCC Headlines: France backs India’s stand on climate in pre-2020 period   UNFCCC Headlines: Losing the forest in Papua New Guinea   UNFCCC Headlines: Universities should keep leading Australia's push to divest from fossil fuels (by Bill McKibben)   UNFCCC Headlines: The Carbon Brief interview: Jean-Pascal van Ypersele   UNFCCC Headlines: Govt reviews emission targets for Paris talk   UNFCCC Headlines: Working hard for progress on Jaitapur: France ahead of PM Narendra Modi's visit   UNFCCC Headlines: Ben & Jerry’s Tesla Road Trip for Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Are we reaching a positive climate change tipping point?   UNFCCC Headlines: Top academics ask world's universities to divest from fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama says climate change is harming Americans' health   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Climate change has arrived’ warns Marshall Islands foreign minister   UNFCCC Headlines: New interactive map plots public opinion on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Why the Paris climate talks won’t be another Copenhagen (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: What will happen after people stop ignoring the evidence on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Modi says India to strike own path in climate battle   UNFCCC Headlines: Canada passed on U.S.-Mexico climate announcement: sources   UNFCCC Headlines: Western Canada's Glaciers Could Vanish by 2100   UNFCCC Headlines: The Road to Paris: three myths about international climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: The INDC road leading to Paris   UNFCCC Headlines: Six things needed to save the Great Barrier Reef   UNFCCC Headlines: California governor tells climate change deniers to wake up   UNFCCC Headlines: Custom ice makers feel heat from global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Leonardo DiCaprio Eco-Resort: Actor Unveils Groundbreaking Project In Belize   UNFCCC Headlines: Big nations’ climate pledge silent on finance, technology aid to developing world   UNFCCC Headlines: Western cities had hottest March on record   UNFCCC Headlines: Southeast Asia faces increasingly intense climate events: analysts   UNFCCC Headlines: Guardian Media Group to ditch fossil fuels from $1.2 bln fund   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany’s G7 can ensure Paris climate deal is a success   UNFCCC Headlines: Syracuse to Drop Fossil Fuel Stocks From Endowment   UNFCCC Headlines: WWF: Irresponsible food consumption fuels global climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Jamaica gets going on emissions reduction   UNFCCC Headlines: How Australia can make its presence felt at the COP21 Paris climate talks (comment by Howard Bamsey and Kath Rowley   UNFCCC Headlines: EU emissions fell five per cent in 2014 under trading scheme   UNFCCC Headlines: National environmental report to exclude carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate pledges: Deadline sees slow but promising start   UNFCCC Headlines: United States sets official strategy for Paris climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Leading economies miss UN deadline to file climate change pledges   UNFCCC Headlines: US climate treaty pledge relies on uncertain Obama actions   UNFCCC Headlines: German CO2 emissions fall for first time in three years   UNFCCC Headlines: Workshop on INDCs by Lead-Pakistan, WWF: Mushahid terms climate change the biggest challenge   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Russia sketches emissions cut of up to 30%   UNFCCC Headlines: US pledge on emission cut likely to raise the heat on India, others   UNFCCC Headlines: The upside to global warming? Dragons, of course   UNFCCC Headlines: Anglican church must divest fossil fuels to cope with climate crisis, bishops say   UNFCCC Headlines: One million green jobs projected by 2030 in China, EU and U.S. - experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Impulse plane lands in China   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming and drought are turning the Golden State brown   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Global warming causes more global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: An Islander's Bid to Be the World's First Climate Refugee   UNFCCC Headlines: Britain tells Japan to aim for 40% reduction on greenhouse gases   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich nations' fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend-documents   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change could disturb marine life for millennia   UNFCCC Headlines: Accountability must be at the heart of the Paris climate pact (comment)   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon Capture   UNFCCC Headlines: A provincial problem: Putting a price on carbon   UNFCCC Headlines: This music school is lit by solar energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Federal government commits to global accord on climate   UNFCCC Headlines: US to submit plans to fight global warming; most others delay   UNFCCC Headlines: Eiffel Tower goes dark in symbolic move for Earth Hour   UNFCCC Headlines: Mexico sets 25 pct pollution cut by 2030 for climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Vanuatu needs compensation, not charity (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund accredits ADB to receive project finance for Asia-Pacific region   UNFCCC Headlines: Dubai buildings must use green concrete   UNFCCC Headlines: Earth Hour lights-out seeks to illuminate climate plight   UNFCCC Headlines: Stronger thunderstorms driving rise in tropical rainfall: study   UNFCCC Headlines: Study shows acceleration in decline of Antarctic ice shelves   UNFCCC Headlines: 2C climate change target ‘utterly inadequate’   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund names 7 intermediaries to channel cash   UNFCCC Headlines: Leaders of European cities make pledge to tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Les métropoles européennes réunies à Paris pour le climat   UNFCCC Headlines: Drought Draught: it's the taste of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Large fall in UK greenhouse gas emissions of over 8% last year   UNFCCC Headlines: Ghana inaugurates REDD+ Gender sub-working Group   UNFCCC Headlines: EU member states agree to start talks on carbon market reform law   UNFCCC Headlines: Detailed case study on China's national carbon market: IETA   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Nations Reach Deal to Start Carbon-Market Reserve in 2021   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Ice vault' idea to keep climate's time capsule intact   UNFCCC Headlines: Prolonged weakening of Atlantic Ocean overturning caused by global warming can impact weather   UNFCCC Headlines: Half-trillion-dollar green bond market, led by China, looks for a regulator   UNFCCC Headlines: Green Climate Fund urged to ban coal funding   UNFCCC Headlines: France plans to lobby for agricultural tech at COP 21   UNFCCC Headlines: US Tribal Nations Plan 11 Energy Projects With DOE   UNFCCC Headlines: Le Maroc en faveur d'un développement durable   UNFCCC Headlines: Thirty new bean varieties bred to beat baking climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Mary Robinson: Climate deal must respect human rights   UNFCCC Headlines: No jargon, more action: The key to sustainable development (by Richard Branson)   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief joins alumni calling on Swarthmore to divest from fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Solution to global warming will be found in new technologies   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal church   UNFCCC Headlines: China should link southern carbon markets ahead of nationwide scheme -study   UNFCCC Headlines: The lights are going out for coal - 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UNESCO - Press Release

Full Details

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has released a book titled “Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development,” with forewords by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and the UNESCO Director-General. The book outlines the environmental and social transformations of the Arctic due to climate change and brings together the domains of natural sciences, social sciences, culture, education and communication to understand the nature of climate change impacts and the complexities of the required adaptation.

UNESCO recommends adopting integrated approaches for monitoring and adapting to climate change in the Arctic, fostering dialogue among scientists, circumpolar communities and decision makers. The book contains sections on: ice, oceans and atmosphere; biodiversity and ecosystem services; community-level impacts and adaptation; health and well-being; economic development and social transformations; education; ethics, responsibility and sustainability; and monitoring systems.

From:, 13 January 2010.