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UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change and desertification a threat to social stability - UN (by Monique Barbut)   UNFCCC Headlines: EU to host industry talks ahead of setting 2030 climate goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming to hit your bubbly's taste!   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean energy: Is a boom coming in 2014?   UNFCCC Headlines: Ahead of Sendai conference, Ban pushes for 2015 global agreement on disaster risk   UNFCCC Headlines: Latin American leaders discuss climate change progress   UNFCCC Headlines: New Zealand Bids Goodbye to Ozone-Depleting Substances in Response to Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Pope Francis urged to back fossil fuel divestment campaign   UNFCCC Headlines: Purisima renews call for global effort vs climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. Energy Dept plans $4 billion in loan aid for renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: EIB plans $3bn clean energy spend   UNFCCC Headlines: A boycott to save the planet (by Desmond Tutu)   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fall 10 pct since 2005: EPA   UNFCCC Headlines: Seychelles' Climate Change Ambassador Jumeau Tells "Sustainability Conference" Islands Must Find Solutions Together   UNFCCC Headlines: WMO: El Nino could cause ‘dramatic rise’ in temperatures   UNFCCC Headlines: Turtles Change Migration Routes Due to Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: UAE applauded for green initiatives   UNFCCC Headlines: H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum Accepts Invitation to Join the Road to Paris 2015 At World Green Economy Summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Meet the pilots behind the sun-powered plane that can 'fly forever'   UNFCCC Headlines: South Africa to procure still more renewable energy   UNFCCC Communication: MKD/COM/3 E   UNFCCC Communication: DJI/COM/3 E   UNFCCC Communication: COM/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: TUN/COM/4 E   UNFCCC Communication: MDA/COM/3 E   UNFCCC Communication: LSO/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: OMN/COM/1 E   UNFCCC Communication: SLV/COM/3 E   UNFCCC Communication: AUS/COM/6 E   UNFCCC Communication: BIH/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: Climate Change Mitigation Must Benefit the Poor, Aid Experts Say   UNFCCC Headlines: IPCC report: we have the tools, now it’s time for a tough UN climate deal (By Quamrul Chowdhury)   UNFCCC Headlines: China’s Wind Energy Capacity Tops 92 GW With 16 GW Addition In 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Nations Said to Set Next Carbon-Market Overhaul Talks in June   UNFCCC Headlines: Ex-U.N. climate chief installed as new head of GGGI   UNFCCC Headlines: DENR issues ECC for 68.8 MW Manolo Fortich Hydro Project   UNFCCC Headlines: IMF, World Bank push carbon pricing   UNFCCC Headlines: Seychelles Ambassador for Climate Change Ronny Jumeau Challenges Guam to Branch Out to Other Islands for Solutions   UNFCCC Headlines: Former President of Mexico Discusses the Economics of Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Whitehouse urges action on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Modest hope' to slow warming, but no 'free lunch,' U.N. warns   UNFCCC Headlines: IPCC climate change report: averting catastrophe is eminently affordable   UNFCCC Headlines: Step up action to curb global warming, or risks rise: U.N.   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate panel: Governments must do more in face of dire global-warming threats   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N.: Time Is Running Out for Climate-Change Action   UNFCCC Headlines: Tutu - Climate Crisis Demands 'Anti-Apartheid-Style Boycott' of Fossil Fuel Industry   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief urges 'bold' carbon-curbing steps   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate study: still time to save the world   UNFCCC Headlines: EU throws down gauntlet to big emitters   UNFCCC Headlines: In key document, UN climate panel warns emissions rising but drops statistics showing where   UNFCCC Headlines: President Yadav concerned about deforestation in Chure region   UNFCCC Headlines: New model to project climate change impact   UNFCCC Headlines: Hollywood heavyweights put climate change manifesto on TV   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate report seeks clearer economics to guide action   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: New Global Scorecard Aims to Promote Urban Development Without Cars   UNFCCC Headlines: Artificial cooling tricky topic for climate panel   UNFCCC Headlines: OP-ED: Climate Change May Affect Your Travel Plans – and Those of Millions of Animals (by Bradnee Chambers)   UNFCCC Headlines: Tropical islands poised to benefit from ocean power   UNFCCC Headlines: Green tech revolution needed to avoid climate change dangers, says Nicholas Stern   UNFCCC Headlines: Experts Says Vietnamese Children Should Play More Active Role In Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: A Green Revolution, This Time for Africa (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Slash Greenhouse Gases to Meet Climate Goals, U.N. Draft Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Latvia backs Poland’s idea to set up EU energy union   UNFCCC Headlines: US, UK, Germany canvass private sector on boosting climate finance   UNFCCC Headlines: Procter & Gamble commits to protect world's rain forests   UNFCCC Headlines: The world's first net-zero energy skyscraper rises in Indonesia   UNFCCC Headlines: Sweden scales up CO2 credit buying to fund cleaner cooking in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: Wind Power Projects to Rise to Record in 2014, Lobby Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Industry wins concessions on EU energy subsidies   UNFCCC Headlines: Royal fixe ses quatre "grands chantiers" à l'Ecologie et l'Energie   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Create people-centred Asean'   UNFCCC Headlines: How taking the 'perma' out of permafrost could accelerate global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Yolanda' could be a norm for the Philippines in near future, Salceda warns   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists seek climate-friendly cow of the future   UNFCCC Headlines: Polish Government Approves Renewable Energy Bill   UNFCCC Headlines: Are CEOs Ready for Climate Change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Many nations wary of extracting carbon from air to fix climate   UNFCCC Headlines: World 'needs Plan B' on climate - IPCC report   UNFCCC Headlines: Why are so many veterans serving in the solar industry?   UNFCCC Headlines: Ukraine races to spend carbon cash after Japan sets deadline   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate panel chair calls for 'enlightenment'   UNFCCC Headlines: Has climate change adaptation lost its way?   UNFCCC Headlines: China's green environmental march benefits US, world (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: German cabinet set to approve flagship renewable energy reform   UNFCCC Headlines: Showtime's 'Years of Living Dangerously' looks at climate change through '60 Minutes' storytelling   UNFCCC Headlines: Philippine experts divided over climate change action   UNFCCC Headlines: After refusing to divest from fossil fuels, Harvard takes new steps to promote the environment   UNFCCC Headlines: Shell, Unilever Seek 1 Trillion-Ton Limit on Carbon Emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Harvard adopts 'responsible investment' principles   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank: Man on a mission (Analysis)   UNFCCC Headlines: Norway wealth fund to ramp up renewable energy investments   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: Low-Income Green Economies Woo Private Capital, More Needed - Experts   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate meeting to discuss future of fossil fuels   UNFCCC Headlines: Majuro Cartagena Dialogue Wraps Up, Optimism Expressed   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Small bites, big threat’ is World Health Day message   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: New Manual Helps Africa's Muslim Farmers Tackle Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Can Deserts Stop Global Warming? No, but They Help, Study Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Flood-battered islands push climate treaty negotiators to speed efforts   UNFCCC Headlines: Pollution Traders Bullish as EU Cuts Permit Glut: Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: The new IPCC report shows that work to limit climate change must begin now (Editorial)   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate chief urges radical clean-up of oil, gas industry   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil industry can be ‘solution’ to climate change says Figueres   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Tells Oil, Gas Industry to Leave Fuel in Ground   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change will 'lead to battles for food', says head of World Bank   UNFCCC Headlines: Energy industry told to face reality of global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: UN to oil industry: You can solve climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Émission de CO2: l'ONU appelle l'UE à s'entendre   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany Aids Mekong Delta's Climate Change Response   UNFCCC Headlines: China's Shenzhen issues 2014 carbon permits   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-Moon: EU must agree to a 2030 climate package in June   UNFCCC Headlines: Rural Costa Rican Women Plant Trees to Fight Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: EU ‘unhappy’ climate change is off G20 agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: UAE-based Irena makes huge strides in promoting clean energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate action needs to be part of city planning - urban leaders   UNFCCC Headlines: US$9.1M World Bank Grant for Adaptation Efforts   UNFCCC Headlines: Early climate adapters show warming world how to cope   UNFCCC Headlines: Bangladesh needs $100b in 10 years for infrastructure: WB   UNFCCC Headlines: Rwanda: 'Wonder Stove' to Save 80 Percent of Cooking Fuel   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban praises small islands’ commitment to address climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: France's Royal offers Hollande her 'green' credentials   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Yeb Sano puts Philippines in focus   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. draft sounds alarm as world looks set to miss emissions target   UNFCCC Headlines: Can you make gasoline that slows down global warming? Google Ventures thinks so   UNFCCC Headlines: Floating houses to fight climate change in Holland   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: 4 countries that are fighting the trend   UNFCCC Headlines: There is light at the end of the renewable power tunnel (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change: Is Anybody Listening?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change responses to shape Asia's future   UNFCCC Headlines: China's Hubei launches market to cut carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Venice: The Bangladesh of the West   UNFCCC Headlines: Marshall Islands President first to commit to Ban’s climate summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate-hit fisheries ‘can still meet demand in 2050’   UNFCCC Headlines: Study warns of possible REDD+ land grab   UNFCCC Headlines: Local town trades in man power for goat power   UNFCCC Headlines: China's New Wager: Pulling Energy From the Ocean   UNFCCC Headlines: Exxon warns global warming targets ‘unlikely’ to be met   UNFCCC Headlines: W.H. methane strategy next step in climate plan   UNFCCC Headlines: IPCC report: Kerry and Hague call for tough climate action   UNFCCC Headlines: UN chief welcomes latest IPCC report on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming dials up our risks, UN report says   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan's new CO2 goal dismays U.N. climate conference   UNFCCC Headlines: 'We expect catastrophe' – Manila, the megacity on the climate frontline   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming threat heightened in latest U.N. report   UNFCCC Headlines: Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come   UNFCCC Headlines: UN study says climate change already hitting food supply   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate panel: Governments, businesses need to take action now against growing risks   UNFCCC Headlines: World Ill-Prepared for Global Warming Impacts, UN Panel Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Wake up to the reality of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate impacts 'overwhelming' - UN   UNFCCC Headlines: The true cost of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: PHL is best example of need for climate change adaptation – UNDP   UNFCCC Headlines: Loss of forests accelerates as Myanmar opens for business   UNFCCC Headlines: Latin America's largest solar power plant goes online in Mexico   UNFCCC Headlines: Industry party to open with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talking ‘clean capitalism’   UNFCCC Headlines: UN author says draft climate report alarmist, pulls out of team   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania: Changing Culture, Disappearing Traditions and Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: World leaders urged to deliver climate change solutions   UNFCCC Headlines: Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land   UNFCCC Headlines: Felix Dodds: Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change makes salamanders shrink, scientists say   UNFCCC Headlines: Extracting carbon from nature can aid climate but will be costly-UN   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Chief on Greenland Climate Change Visit   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria: Another Look At the Great Green Wall Project   UNFCCC Headlines: Nordic development fund eyes new climate project   UNFCCC Headlines: Have we reached the clean energy tipping point?   UNFCCC Headlines: China approves first offset projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Angel investors warm up to non-technology startups   UNFCCC Headlines: L'Agence de la biodiversité verra le jour en 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: Teachers swap climate change scare stories for fun and games   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania Gets On the Low-Carbon Bus to Beat Traffic Jams   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change panel warnings over human effects are real, say scientists   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change also means opportunities, scientists say at Yokohama meeting   UNFCCC Headlines: EU emissions cuts could herald climate turning point   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar energy now same price as conventional power in Germany, Italy, Spain - report   UNFCCC Headlines: Siemens to Invest $264 Million in British Wind Turbine Project   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Could Delay The Fight Against World Hunger For Decades: Report   UNFCCC Headlines: First China-India Climate Change Study Released   UNFCCC Headlines: Grocery giant commits to zero-deforestation policy for palm oil sourcing   UNFCCC Headlines: La Hora del Planeta: Banco de Crédito BCP se suma a campaña ambiental   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming not stopped, will go on for centuries: WMO   UNFCCC Headlines: Eleven EU nations exceed air pollution ceilings: EEA   UNFCCC Headlines: Public Utilities & Private Companies In Mexico Teaming Up To Promote Renewables   UNFCCC Headlines: Analysis: Green Climate Fund’s future threatened by old divisions   UNFCCC Headlines: Analysis: Growth in China’s carbon emissions has halved   UNFCCC Headlines: Air pollution top environmental health risk   UNFCCC Headlines: Netherlands to stop funding overseas coal power plants   UNFCCC Headlines: Slower sea level rise linked to El Nino and natural weather patterns   UNFCCC Headlines: Comment: Ukraine Crisis Shifts EU's Energy Focus   UNFCCC Headlines: Putting Climate Polluters in the Dock   UNFCCC Headlines: On World Meteorological Day, UN rallies youth to take on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: As Listener and Saleswoman, E.P.A. Chief Takes to the Road for Climate Rules   UNFCCC Headlines: US will keep pushing nations like Australia on climate change action, says former adviser   UNFCCC Headlines: UN scientists see grim future if no action taken on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change to disrupt food supplies, brake growth: U.N. draft   UNFCCC Headlines: Rich nations to start fund to help cut methane emissions abroad   UNFCCC Headlines: Zimbabwe: Students in Weather and Climate Change Commemorations   UNFCCC Headlines: Big climate report: Warming is big risk for people   UNFCCC Headlines: BASIC nations to discuss climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: How solar energy empowers women, youth in rural Nicaragua   UNFCCC Headlines: Islands to visit now before rising sea levels bury them   UNFCCC Headlines: Global Energy Thirst Threatens to Worsen Water Scarcity, UN Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming a concern at Chile's penguin paradise   UNFCCC Headlines: Zambia Lands K39 Million for Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Exxon Mobil agrees to report on climate change's effect on business model   UNFCCC Headlines: Group Suggests New Rules for Further Cuts in Carbon Pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Group Suggests New Rules for Further Cuts in Carbon Pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Group Suggests New Rules for Further Cuts in Carbon Pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Unilever issues £250m green bond   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban hails impact of UN climate change treaty, urges renewed commitment to ideals   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese cities open up green car markets as government battles pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Key climate-change measurement imperiled   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change fuelled storms, rising seas cost China $2.6 billion in 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: Evangelicals Urge Obama To Discuss Climate Change With Pope Francis   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming will cut crop harvests by 2% each decade, researchers say   UNFCCC Headlines: Gov't establishes network to implement climate change provisions   UNFCCC Headlines: White House launches climate data initiative   UNFCCC Headlines: Chongqing's draft carbon market plan calls for cuts from 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: EU leaders to set October deadline to agree 2030 climate goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Report: Climate change stunting fish   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: Energy & Climate Ambitions: The Road to Paris in 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: France puts climate, energy talks on EU summit table   UNFCCC Headlines: Analysis: efficiency can be at the heart of EU energy policy   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: Aviation and EU Emissions Trading – Blue Skies or Turbulent Times Ahead in 2013?   UNFCCC Headlines: CO2 on Path to Cross 400 ppm Threshold for a Month   UNFCCC Headlines: White House Unveils Climate Data Website To 'Empower America's Communities To Prepare'   UNFCCC Headlines: China tells firms to start reporting carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Can REDD+ work without land and carbon rights?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change like ‘100-year war’ says US Army expert   UNFCCC Headlines: Zimbabwe's New Climate Plan to Tackle Neglected Needs of Children   UNFCCC Headlines: Norway May Use Oil Fund To Provide Renewables With $40 Billion Boost   UNFCCC Headlines: Why solar sector is outshining all other stocks   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama and EU poised for climate change collaboration   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: East African countries are dealing with the impacts of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate-change agenda heats up   UNFCCC Headlines: Trust deficit blocking progress at UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Warmest winter on record worsens California drought   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change set to displace hundreds of millions of people by end of century   UNFCCC Headlines: Clean technology gets top billing in China's 2014 scientific report   UNFCCC Headlines: Blog: States Look to "Green Banks" to Leverage Private Investment in Clean Tech   UNFCCC Headlines: Budget 2014: Carbon tax cut could mean lower energy bills   UNFCCC Headlines: LatAm nations agree to combat climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming melts edge of Greenland icesheet   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Climate impacts to hit crop yields from 2030s   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan steps in to help Laos cut carbon emission   UNFCCC Headlines: China vows to clean up 60 percent of cities by 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: Tokyo to reach CO2 targets without its carbon trading scheme   UNFCCC Headlines: Nexus Between Climate Change and Prosperity   UNFCCC Headlines: BLog: Still on the road to Paris?   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate talks launch formal process to 2015 deal   UNFCCC Headlines: 17 nations authorised to swap UN offsets for EU carbon   UNFCCC Headlines: Perú presenta ante Alemania y México los avances de la COP20   UNFCCC Headlines: Cumple expectativas el foro de ministros de medio ambiente   UNFCCC Headlines: 200 European cities and regions call for more ambitious EU climate and energy targets   UNFCCC Headlines: Trade Concern Limits Rich-Nation Effort to Reduce Emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Suffering from pollution, Paris encourages people to travel green   UNFCCC Headlines: Bill Gates talks climate change with Charles Koch   UNFCCC Headlines: Telefonica Peru joins fight against climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Health in Jeopardy: the Corporate Influence on Climate Negotiations   UNFCCC Headlines: Bernice Dapaah,Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative Founder,Named 2014 Young Global Leader   UNFCCC Headlines: China-U.S. Fault Lines Open Up at UN Climate Treaty Talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Post-2020 Emissions-Reduction Contribution: Which Time Frame Should We Choose?   UNFCCC Headlines: Q&A: Top UNFCCC Official Thorgeirsson on 2014-2015 Climate Negotiation Priorities   UNFCCC Headlines: Bill Shorten sticks with 'market-based system' to lower greenhouse emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Fund raises $100m for renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: EU warns of double-counting risk in U.N. emissions cut plan   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama, EU to stand together on climate change draft   UNFCCC Headlines: Earth to get hotter despite global warming slowdown   UNFCCC Headlines: EU parliament backs law to curb "super" greenhouse gases   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar innovation gives Nicaraguan community a brighter future   UNFCCC Headlines: Russia Picks an Odd Time to Put on Climate Halo   UNFCCC Headlines: The ultimate missed social-media opportunity for brands: climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate envoys hail momentum, but warn time running out   UNFCCC Headlines: Hollande and Xi to discuss climate at March summit   UNFCCC Headlines: 1st Solar Decathlon Latin America To Be In Colombia In 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: Why your company should look to bio-inspired architecture   UNFCCC Headlines: Rwanda: Rural Women Lighting Village With Solar Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year   UNFCCC Headlines: Los Cabos, sede del Foro de Ministros del Medio Ambiente   UNFCCC Headlines: Desarrollo sustentable y cambio climático centran foro de ministros en México   UNFCCC Headlines: SE Asia forum explores green growth funding   UNFCCC Headlines: Cambio climático multiplicaría malaria en Colombia   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change body chief: 'bad guys' won after the 'good guys' lay down   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar heat on energy talks   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate talks make shaky start to year as procedures questioned   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate chief warns battle to curb warming is becoming harder   UNFCCC Headlines: New Round of Climate Talks Focuses on Setting Deadlines   UNFCCC Headlines: Food system that fails poor countries needs urgent reform, says UN expert   UNFCCC Headlines: Old splits emerge as UN climate envoys seek path to 2015 deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific island states pushed aside in race for UN funds: Kiribati   UNFCCC Headlines: Earth Hour on March 29 to focus on renewable energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Promoverá nuestro país crecimiento verde en el Foro de Ministros de Medio Ambiente   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank approves new project for Solomon Islands   UNFCCC Headlines: India's view of climate change shifts toward adaptation, clean energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Emissions Pioneer Losing Clout as EU Ban Looms: Carbon & Climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Is the Senate's climate change all-nighter more than a one-night stand?   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. Senate Democrats pulling all-nighter on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Nations Gather in Bonn to Discuss Climate Treaty (video)   UNFCCC Headlines: Richard Branson tells climate deniers to 'get out of the way'   UNFCCC Headlines: Ambitious green energy target could save EU €260bn   UNFCCC Headlines: Mars Latest to Announce "No Deforestation" Palm Oil Pledge   UNFCCC Headlines: Democrats plan all-night 'talkathon' on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese carbon firms ahead of emissions deadline   UNFCCC Headlines: Award launched to reward climate change stories in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: Switzerland Seeks Precision as 30 Nations Shape Carbon Markets   UNFCCC Headlines: US cap-and-trade system back on track to cut carbon emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: The climate-change agenda heats up   UNFCCC Headlines: Bangladesh warns of rising climate change costs as donations plummet   UNFCCC Headlines: Revealed: Dubai's $300 million Green "Oasis"   UNFCCC Headlines: Etats-Unis: Kerry presse les ambassadeurs de faire du climat une priorité   UNFCCC Headlines: Ministros latinoamericanos debatirán cambio climático   UNFCCC Communication: LBR/COM/1 E   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change could mean more malaria in Africa, South America   UNFCCC Headlines: Least Developed Countries say science must drive UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: How to mitigate climate change in Africa (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany Eyes Carbon-Market Reserve Start Five Years Early   UNFCCC Headlines: Red light, green light   UNFCCC Headlines: Yawning gap between trade policy and climate change needs to be removed   UNFCCC Headlines: Vivienne Westwood cut off her hair to promote climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon-taxed companies cut emissions by 7% in past year, investor group says   UNFCCC Headlines: House passes bill to block Obama climate plan   UNFCCC Headlines: China tells rich to do more to lead fight against climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Pentagon Calls Climate Change Impacts "Threat Multipliers," Could Enable Terrorism   UNFCCC Headlines: German government seeks CO2 cutting projects for 10 million euro fund   UNFCCC Headlines: Extreme weather is 'silver lining' for climate action: Christiana Figueres (with video)   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists must stop using 'weirdo words' if they want to convince the public that climate change is real, admits the woman in charge of the next major UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: A Bright Year for Solar in the U.S.—But There Are Clouds on the Horizon   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. says China, US climate cooperation raises hopes for global deal   UNFCCC Headlines: UK needs 100 bln pounds more to meet 2020 carbon targets-report   UNFCCC Headlines: Business must 'work with government' on climate change (audio)   UNFCCC Headlines: Mike Bloomberg On The UN, Climate Change And How Obama's Efforts Are Just Not Enough   UNFCCC Headlines: Time running out for Great Barrier Reef: scientists   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate change talks: pressure is on to reach legally-binding, global agreement   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama Seeks to Boost Resilience to Climate-Driven Drought, Fires   UNFCCC Headlines: New Zealand research base to fill subantarctic gap in global climate knowledge   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Tribo-electric,' the buzzword of the future?   UNFCCC Headlines: Colorado’s largest solar power facility coming to Pueblo   UNFCCC Headlines: German STEAG to get funds for 200 mln euro Romania wind park: EBRD   UNFCCC Headlines: Greening China’s power brings down cost of renewable energy for all   UNFCCC Headlines: EU injects €35.5 Million into Pacific climate change adaptation   UNFCCC Headlines: Petition launched for UK Climate Change Impacts Fund   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Climate Deal at Risk Without Set Targets, Bangladesh Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change is redefining the Australia of 'sunburnt country' poem   UNFCCC Headlines: Advocating change: Environmental summit to be paper free   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming disrupts ocean dynamics in Antarctica, study reveals   UNFCCC Headlines: Bangladesh asks BIMSTEC to take 'unified' stand on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: European support for climate change action 'not dented by financial crash'   UNFCCC Headlines: Kenya among Countries to benefit from new IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change Project   UNFCCC Headlines: Polar bears grab spotlight of first World Wildlife Day   UNFCCC Headlines: How a small Spanish island became a renewable energy pioneer   UNFCCC Headlines: Apple, eBay, Gap, Intel throw weight behind Climate Declaration   UNFCCC Headlines: Energy firms call for urgent carbon market action   UNFCCC Headlines: World Wildlife day should remind us we need a climate deal in Paris (by Christiana Figueres and Bradnee Chambers)   UNFCCC Headlines: It’s either too hot or cold   UNFCCC Headlines: Why We Should Care That March 3rd Is Now World Wildlife Day   UNFCCC Headlines: Largest PH solar power plant to rise in Palawan   UNFCCC Headlines: Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe-wide flood losses to 'increase four fold' by 2050   UNFCCC Headlines: Age-old indicators under stress in high Bolivia amid climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: The cost of flight delays from wild weather: $2.5 billion and counting   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe's flood losses to soar by 2050, research shows   UNFCCC Headlines: Iowa-born cross-country climate march begins Saturday in L.A.   UNFCCC Headlines: UN report sees $1.45 tn global warming cost: media   UNFCCC Headlines: Domestic climate laws on the rise, a boost for pending UN action   UNFCCC Headlines: IEA: Expanding wind and solar power does not mean additional costs   UNFCCC Headlines: Can Kenya tap its water to double its maize?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Is it time for international agreements to recognize national laws? (By Ed Markey, John Gummer and Cedric Frolick)   UNFCCC Headlines: Report hails international progress on climate change laws   UNFCCC Headlines: Emerging Economies Lead Climate Action, Globe Study Finds   UNFCCC Headlines: Developing world races ahead on climate laws - report   UNFCCC Headlines: Frolick and Yap to solve climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: United Nations agencies, funds and programmes make progress towards climate neutrality   UNFCCC Headlines: Value of world CO2 markets to rise two-thirds in 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: ADB grants $23.1 million for Tonga climate resilience   UNFCCC Headlines: Turkish businesses should take heed of climate change: EBRD report   UNFCCC Headlines: Heat extremes increase despite global warming hiatus: scientists   UNFCCC Headlines: Wind farms can tame hurricanes: scientists   UNFCCC Headlines: Global climate laws now cover nearly 90% of carbon pollution   UNFCCC Headlines: Business is about being green, say FTSE 100 leaders   UNFCCC Headlines: Lord Deben: "The technique of those opposed to action on climate change is spreading doubt"   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming slowdown 'does not invalidate climate change'   UNFCCC Headlines: Science academies explain global warming reality   UNFCCC Headlines: EU plan to cut supply of carbon permits passes into law   UNFCCC Headlines: Nissan to help Bhutan go zero emissions with EVs   UNFCCC Headlines: Finland strives to develop clean technology   UNFCCC Headlines: Oil firms to set up new ventures for renewable power projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Chinese Solar Growth to Underpin Record Global Expansion in 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: Melting Of Peru’s Quelccaya Ice Cap Caused By Rising Temperature, Not Reduced Snowfall: Study   UNFCCC Headlines: Paris 2015: Climate and the Business Imperative (by Paul Polman and Christiana Figueres)   UNFCCC Headlines: Turning Bhutan into a hotspot for electric vehicles   UNFCCC Headlines: Colorado Becomes First State To Restrict Methane Emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Food and drink industry makes progress on development-Oxfam   UNFCCC Headlines: Justices question Obama climate change regulations   UNFCCC Headlines: Indonesia risks losing up to 1,500 islands by 2050   UNFCCC Headlines: Volcanic eruptions causing global warming slowdown, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: UN promises "bold response" to stalled carbon offset scheme   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change 'Very Evident,' So Let's Deal With It, World Panel Says   UNFCCC Headlines: UN Green Climate Fund to Pay Quarter of Money to Islands, Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: Costs of natural disasters in China surge to $69 billion   UNFCCC Headlines: Nauru President: ‘Some islands won’t make it’ (By Baron Waqa, President of Nauru)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Appeal to sustainable tourism   UNFCCC Headlines: Global CDM needs 'bold response'   UNFCCC Headlines: Sun-dimming volcanoes partly explain global warming hiatus-study   UNFCCC Headlines: Big Antarctic glacier to keep raising seas, even without warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama climate change agenda faces first Supreme Court test   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossil fuels remain at the forefront, energy expert says   UNFCCC Headlines: Why Helping the Poor May Hurt the Climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama's efforts on climate change may not be enough   UNFCCC Headlines: TIB, Dutch Organisation to Support Solar Energy Scheme   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change and Growth in Africa: Challenges and the Way Forward   UNFCCC Headlines: Indonesia pledges $250,000 to Green Climate Fund   UNFCCC Headlines: 4 ways the green climate fund can make its investments count (blog)   UNFCCC Headlines: Revolutionary Google-backed system unlocks power of 'big data' to save forests   UNFCCC Headlines: George Osborne wants climate change tackled as cheaply as possible   UNFCCC Headlines: Chile connects more than 100 MW of solar projects to grid   UNFCCC Headlines: Advanced Energy Is Growing Two Times Faster Than The Global Economy   UNFCCC Headlines: Accounting for global warming requires looking at the oceans   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: Combating Climate Change in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: California senate leader: Carbon tax would return revenue to poor, transit   UNFCCC Headlines: Denmark commits to setting carbon targets every five years   UNFCCC Headlines: Costa Rica Implements New United Nations Program to Mitigate Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Australian army chief says climate change will impact miltary role   UNFCCC Headlines: Colombia looks to lead on 'climate-smart' agriculture   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria: UNN Introduces Climate Change Postgraduate Programme   UNFCCC Headlines: China Beats U.S. on Smart-Grid Spending for First Time   UNFCCC Headlines: Hawaii's Solar Energy Revolution   UNFCCC Headlines: Wind energy investment could lead to 35,000 new jobs   UNFCCC Headlines: Mongolian Wind Farm in Gobi Desert Planned by Ferrostaal   UNFCCC Headlines: California senators float post-2020 climate change bill   UNFCCC Headlines: Darfur cookstove project earns Sudan's first carbon credits   UNFCCC Communication: KIR/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: YEM/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: GCF and the future of $100 billion climate finance commitment (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming: Ice loss makes Arctic itself a bigger climate changer   UNFCCC Headlines: How Big Oil Gave Up On the Climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Latin American Katoomba Meetings Aim To Turbocharge Climate Talks   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Offers Grant To Support Climate Change Adaptation In Namibia   UNFCCC Headlines: UN carbon market panel picks Barbados scientist Sealy as chair   UNFCCC Headlines: Qingdao city next in line to set up emissions market in China   UNFCCC Headlines: Why Latin America is a fertile ground for green tech industries   UNFCCC Headlines: UN’s Green Climate Fund set to outline future at Bali meeting   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate leadership from mayors of the world   UNFCCC Communication: TTO/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Leaders Said to Delay Decision on 2030 Targets for Emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon divestment is a shining example (by Mary Robinson)   UNFCCC Headlines: Chevy buys carbon credits from US colleges going green   UNFCCC Headlines: A thousand cities back 2030 energy efficiency target   UNFCCC Headlines: Why don't we want to hear about climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Green and clean' tech Finland looks to Israel for inspiration   UNFCCC Headlines: UK Law Commission could force fund managers to recognise climate risk   UNFCCC Headlines: Yeb Sano: Kerry’s climate warning needs political backing   UNFCCC Headlines: Heat is on to combat climate change's silent killer   UNFCCC Headlines: Jewish youth village in Rwanda to host region’s largest solar field   UNFCCC Headlines: Methane, friend and foe for climate change (editorial)   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania: Kilimanjaro Region in Uphill Task to Revive Damaged Environment   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia to review renewable energy target   UNFCCC Headlines: Iran plans carbon emissions trading market, official says   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Tibet wettest in 2010 in 3,500 years   UNFCCC Headlines: Kerry tells Indonesia: climate change is a 'weapon of mass destruction'   UNFCCC Headlines: Santa’s revenge: new evidence supports link between climate change, severe weather   UNFCCC Headlines: Kerry Implores Indonesia on Climate Change Peril   UNFCCC Headlines: Investors scrutinizing high carbon emissions risk   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S., China agree to work on climate change   UNFCCC Communication: HTI/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: On track to reduce emissions (by Connie Hedegaard)   UNFCCC Headlines: Kerry to visit China for talks on N. Korea, climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Singapore Taps Voluntary Carbon Market With Energy-Efficient Projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Senators Plan To Stay Up All Night To Talk Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Reducing emissions, the diplomatic way   UNFCCC Headlines: Turkish aims to produce more wind power by 2023   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change is here now and it could lead to global conflict (by Nicholas Stern)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate solutions through financial risk management   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama-appointed climate change task force meets in Los Angeles   UNFCCC Headlines: 2013 record year for new carbon trading schemes   UNFCCC Headlines: Church of England vows to fight 'great demon' of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Gambia: Women in Wuli Sensitised On Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Economist Says Best Climate Fix A Tough Sell, But Worth It   UNFCCC Headlines: Olympians speak out on climate change as Sochi warms up   UNFCCC Headlines: Massive Wind Farm Takes Shape Off…Rhode Island?   UNFCCC Headlines: China treads cautiously in setting up carbon emissions trading   UNFCCC Headlines: Equis Funds to invest $500 mln in Japanese solar projects   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania Turns On Spending Tap to Ease Water Shortages   UNFCCC Headlines: Fiji leader invites climate-hit Kiribati residents to relocate   UNFCCC Headlines: Stopping Deforestation Makes Business Sense, Says Unilever CEO   UNFCCC Headlines: Al-Naimi calls for fairness in achieving climate change goal   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama Hopes Paris Is No Copenhagen   UNFCCC Headlines: Lockheed inks deal to produce energy from ocean waves in Australia   UNFCCC Headlines: Tanzania: Low Carbon Development to Enhance Climate Adaptation, Reduce Poverty   UNFCCC Headlines: David Cameron: climate change a ‘serious threat’   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama admin quietly preparing pledge of deeper GHG emissions targets for U.N. talks   UNFCCC Headlines: UN: don't overlook access to information in goal on governance   UNFCCC Headlines: Report: Wake up, the clean energy 'revolution' is here   UNFCCC Headlines: Governor Cuomo Announces NY Green Bank Is Open for Business   UNFCCC Headlines: UN gets "positive responses" to climate change summit in September: Ban   UNFCCC Headlines: Miguel Arias Cañete: "La lucha contra el cambio climático y el uso eficiente y sostenible de los recursos naturales son claves para afrontar con éxito el futuro"   UNFCCC Headlines: El cambio climático ‘afecta’ a las especies que migran   UNFCCC Headlines: Misión técnica ONU destaca buena organización de COP 20   UNFCCC Headlines: Social media and green tech helps create sustainable communities   UNFCCC Headlines: California vows to press ahead with climate change programs   UNFCCC Headlines: Gujarat to have 10 MW solar power plant on Narmada Canal in Vadodara   UNFCCC Headlines: Study: White and green roofs fight global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Chasing the Biggest Story on Earth   UNFCCC Headlines: EU should delay targets: Poland   UNFCCC Headlines: Why has it rained so much in the UK – and is it climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate-change map shows how plants and animals will need new homes   UNFCCC Headlines: Fires create a hazy future for Indonesia's carbon emissions targets   UNFCCC Headlines: Met Office: Evidence 'suggests climate change link to storms'   UNFCCC Headlines: Barack Obama, Francois Hollande call for 'ambitious' climate change deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Bangladeshi documentary on climate change wins Golden Conch at Mumbai International Film Festival   UNFCCC Headlines: Nations will face big political question in Lima over climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Combatting climate change through ICT   UNFCCC Headlines: Pacific trade winds are stalling global warming, scientists say   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Weather of Olympian extremes   UNFCCC Headlines: Descubren en Colombia laguna generada por cambio climático   UNFCCC Headlines: Bloomberg On Climate Change: Cities Are Leading The Way 'Right Now'   UNFCCC Headlines: Was Warsaw enough to address climate challenges in Africa?   UNFCCC Headlines: India, China & SA should agree to emission cuts: Annan   UNFCCC Headlines: African cities snubbed in hunt for funds   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities double climate change action as Bloomberg lays out plan for UN role   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Water Pumps Wean Indian Farmers From Archaic Grid: Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: European Lawmakers Try to Spur Market for Carbon-Emission Credits   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean Islands Agree to Swap Diesel Power for Renewable Sources   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-moon summit ‘must succeed’ says top UK climate envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: Ancient farmers caused first global warming   UNFCCC Headlines: USDA chief: Climate change already hurting farmers   UNFCCC Headlines: African cities need to work together (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: There’s no warming standstill says WMO   UNFCCC Headlines: 2013 sixth-hottest year, confirms long-term warming: UN   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief Figueres hails potential of Ban Ki-moon envoy Bloomberg   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities can help UN climate talks, Bloomberg tells C40 summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities Almost Double Climate Actions Over 2 Years, C40 Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Goldman Sachs Enthusiastically Decides To Invest $40 Billion In Renewables   UNFCCC Headlines: New campaign seeks to drive low-carbon urban transportation   UNFCCC Headlines: Israel reduces its carbon footprint with wind, solar and natural gas   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change could increase storm risk to world's coastal regions   UNFCCC Headlines: Bloomberg to plug mayors' climate progress to motivate world leaders   UNFCCC Headlines: Is Climate Change The Biggest Long-Term Management Problem Facing Business?   UNFCCC Headlines: Big fall in electricity sector emissions since carbon tax   UNFCCC Headlines: U.K. Met Kyoto Target, First Carbon Budget, Data Show   UNFCCC Headlines: Google Earth: how much has global warming raised temperatures near you?   UNFCCC Headlines: Michael Bloomberg pledges to help world leaders reach climate deal   UNFCCC Headlines: Heat-related deaths will rise 257% by 2050 because of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Branson hosts renewable energy summit in Caribbean   UNFCCC Headlines: SolarCoin promises incentives to solar energy producers   UNFCCC Headlines: European People's Party will not oppose fast-track carbon market supply cut   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change mitigation: Government sets out 10 initiatives   UNFCCC Headlines: C40 Summit to get underway in Joburg   UNFCCC Headlines: The Big Business of Global Warming   UNFCCC Headlines: Flooded British villages ignite climate debate   UNFCCC Headlines: Billions needed to fund deforestation prevention plan: report   UNFCCC Headlines: For 1st Time, Wind Power Provides Over 50% Of Denmark’s Electricity For 1 Month   UNFCCC Headlines: European electricity giants back 40 per cent emissions cuts   UNFCCC Headlines: Green books create buzz at Kolkata Book Fair   UNFCCC Headlines: Lagarde Says Cooperation on Climate, Inequality ‘Non-Negotiable’   UNFCCC Headlines: Punxsutawney Phil predicts longer winter   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Cuisine: It’s What’s for Dinner   UNFCCC Headlines: Kansas to see growth in wind energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Fukushima to use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2040   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change and Growth in Africa: Challenges and the Way Forward   UNFCCC Headlines: Dad says LGUs and communities must take proactive stance on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Artist calls for climate change action with her new exhibition   UNFCCC Headlines: Former President Kufuor, returns home after Month-long consultations with word leaders   UNFCCC Headlines: Bio-diversity strategy to focus on climate change issues   UNFCCC Headlines: A greener future for Joburg   UNFCCC Headlines: Former New York Mayor Bloomberg named Ban’s envoy for cities and climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: EU panel backs fast-tracking carbon market backloading fix   UNFCCC Headlines: TMA calls for application of traditional experience to address climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Nestlé chairman warns against playing God over climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: SA World Heritage site under threat   UNFCCC Headlines: Pickersgill lauds EHF, USAID climate change project in St Thomas   UNFCCC Headlines: Bolivian leader urges world powers to tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Q&A: The IPCC’s Rajendra K. Pachauri on climate tech   UNFCCC Headlines: Henry Waxman, Longtime Green Advocate, Will Retire From Congress   UNFCCC Headlines: Philippine climate change envoy leads new protest fast   UNFCCC Headlines: China sets new world record for solar installations   UNFCCC Headlines: UK should have 10 million homes with solar panels by 2020, experts say   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change is 'killing penguin chicks' say researchers   UNFCCC Headlines: 10 US cities vow to cut emissions from buildings   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate talks: rich nations need to deliver in 2014 says Gambia envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: China, India and Brazil could ‘derail’ UN climate deal says UK envoy   UNFCCC Headlines: What does Obama's 'cleaner energy economy' mean for business?   UNFCCC Headlines: Korea aims for 30 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: Northern Ireland hits record for wind energy in 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: Penguins, even in Argentina, at risk from climate change, study says   UNFCCC Headlines: Foundations Band Together to Get Rid of Fossil-Fuel Investments   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama touts 'responsible' energy development measures, climate goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Uganda considers developing drought resistant coffee beans   UNFCCC Headlines: Entrepreneurs Looking For 'Windfall' Cash In On Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: In the State of the Union, Obama pledges strong action on climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Tricks of the Trade That Block Climate Change Progress   UNFCCC Headlines: Nasa technology to reveal ice melting impact on climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Addressing climate change, Obama pledges commitment to clean energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Senegal drowning in a changing climate   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria: Nation Loses 20 Percent of Agric Produce to Climate Change - Environmentalist   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe still sets the standard for a low-carbon future (by Jeffrey Sachs)   UNFCCC Headlines: Dire signs from a warming world (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Global Warming Battle Is Over Market Share, Not Science (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: 'An Inconvenient Youth' Tells The Truth About Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: The globalization of pollution (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Inside the Complicated Relationship Between Natural Gas and Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Teenage polar explorer on quest to raise climate change awareness   UNFCCC Headlines: Tunisia embeds climate change in constitution   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank chief backs fossil fuel divestment drive   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Jobs Increase 20%, Rise to 143,000 In US   UNFCCC Headlines: Costa Rica Aims For Carbon Neutrality With Payments For Ecosystem Services   UNFCCC Headlines: Davos rallies behind need to act on climate change now   UNFCCC Headlines: Davos 2014: Achim Steiner insider diary   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewable energy projects key to UAE’s diplomatic efforts   UNFCCC Headlines: Communities to be offered shares in wind and solar farms   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change washing away Pacific villages   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: Food security should be top priority for Pakistan   UNFCCC Headlines: Climatologist suing for libel to protect 'entire environmental movement'   UNFCCC Headlines: China looks to build new Antarctic research station by 2015   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa’s Great Green Wall Seeks New Partners – Analysis   UNFCCC Headlines: Super Bowl will be coldest, could also be greenest   UNFCCC Headlines: Cost of climate change high on Davos agenda   UNFCCC Headlines: Gore Joins UN Backing EU’s 2030 Climate Plan   UNFCCC Headlines: More global warming will be worse for the economy, says the Copenhagen Consensus Center   UNFCCC Headlines: No one tries harder than Europe to fight climate change. The recession is testing that.   UNFCCC Headlines: 'Climate change key challenge for sustainable development in region'   UNFCCC Headlines: Al Gore: 'extreme weather has made people wake up to climate change'   UNFCCC Headlines: Davos highlights business risks of ‘climate complacency’   UNFCCC Headlines: Food companies must stand up to the fossil fuel sector on climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban ki-moon calls political, business leaders to tackle climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change and the V-word   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming to derail winter Olympics by century end?   UNFCCC Headlines: Hollywood stars, journalists come together on climate change project   UNFCCC Headlines: Ian Goldin: Climate Change Is 'Not Something That's Waiting' (video)   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘This is the year to fight climate change’, World Bank president tells finance world at Davos   UNFCCC Headlines: Lord Stern: I should have been fiercer in climate change review   UNFCCC Headlines: Davos: The shifting nature of power and the shifting power of nature (by Kumi Naidoo)   UNFCCC Headlines: At Davos Forum, Ban seeks business help to fight gender inequality, climate change, hunger   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban Ki-moon: Davos summit can set tone for UN climate talks   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change brings new risks to Greenland, says PM Aleqa Hammond   UNFCCC Headlines: Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief calls for climate treaty next year   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. official: Role in climate fight is 'sacred'   UNFCCC Headlines: At Davos, push for clean energy as climate weapon   UNFCCC Headlines: China must spend $330 billion more to do fair share on climate - report   UNFCCC Headlines: EU sets out new climate change goals   UNFCCC Headlines: EU Ban on UN Carbon May Flag End of Offset Market, Nomisma Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Wanted: a 'clean trillion' dollar investment to limit climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: A united call for action on climate change (by Kofi Annan)   UNFCCC Headlines: EU outlines 2030 climate goals   UNFCCC Headlines: Europe, Facing Economic Pain, May Ease Climate Rules   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change leads agenda at Davos economic talks   UNFCCC Headlines: U.S. Delegation to Press Issues Like Climate Change and Syria   UNFCCC Headlines: EPA Chief on Davos: 'This Is Not Usually My Crowd'   UNFCCC Headlines: Germany's industrial base at risk if green energy shift fails   UNFCCC Headlines: Kenya first to earn carbon credits from sustainable farming   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate change: 2013 ranked 4th warmest year   UNFCCC Headlines: Davos to discuss climate as UN makes new push for cuts   UNFCCC Headlines: Exclusive: the B Team asks business to drive sustainable inclusive prosperity   UNFCCC Headlines: The Climate Group head emphasizes environment in reshaping world   UNFCCC Headlines: Why the EU's 2030 climate package matters to business   UNFCCC Headlines: Denmark and Abu Dhabi sign clean energy deal   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Global renewable energy share to double by 2030’   UNFCCC Headlines: Renewables to hit 35% of Mexico power grid by 2024, says government   UNFCCC Headlines: Corporate response to climate change is plateauing says new supply chain report   UNFCCC Headlines: The Carbon Cycle   UNFCCC Headlines: 19 countries join forces to develop Africa Clean Energy Corridor   UNFCCC Headlines: Peru's farmers fight climate change using modern and Inca techniques   UNFCCC Headlines: Industry realism curtails EU's long-term climate ambitions   UNFCCC Headlines: Obama: China and India carbon emissions could leave US “underwater”   UNFCCC Headlines: 14 Religious Communities Are Using Solar Energy   UNFCCC Headlines: EU weighs new climate goals, economic needs   UNFCCC Headlines: UAE Plans Renewable Energy Projects In Five Pacific Nations   UNFCCC Headlines: If You See Something, Say Something (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: India, UAE to cooperate for solar, wind energy   UNFCCC Headlines: Jukka Uosukainen Appointed Director of New Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Proofing of Farms Seen Too Slow as Industry Faces Havoc   UNFCCC Headlines: Research: Climate impacts could push up food prices by 25 per cent   UNFCCC Headlines: Global leaders to discuss renewable energy today   UNFCCC Headlines: EU set to propose 40% carbon reduction target for 2030   UNFCCC Headlines: Unchecked global warming 'will double extreme El Niño weather events'   UNFCCC Headlines: Africa: Climate Migration Complex, but Planning Can Help - Experts   UNFCCC Headlines: UN experts warn that delaying action on global warming will reduce options for dealing with it   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon credit scheme for Indonesia’s rainforest launched   UNFCCC Headlines: EU to ditch transport emissions goals beyond 2020   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. Says Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly   UNFCCC Headlines: U.N. climate chief calls for fossil-fuel divestment   UNFCCC Headlines: World Bank To Fund $100m Clean Energy Project In Nigeria   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar energy firms are getting creative in raising funds   UNFCCC Headlines: Environmental groups say Obama needs to address climate change more aggressively   UNFCCC Headlines: Sluggish Economy Prompts Europe to Reconsider Its Intentions on Climate Change   UNFCCC Headlines: Compelling case for global deal on climate, says UN   UNFCCC Headlines: UN climate chief calls for tripling of clean energy investment   UNFCCC Headlines: 2014 is our climate moment   UNFCCC Headlines: Global Effort to Combat Climate Change May Not End in Paris Next Year   UNFCCC Headlines: Japan signs carbon offset deal with Palau   UNFCCC Headlines: Nigeria: Jonathan Inaugurates "Light-Up Rural Nigeria" Project in Abuja   UNFCCC Headlines: Humble hut plays key role in climate change research   UNFCCC Headlines: Save the world from global warming - Kufuor tells world leaders   UNFCCC Headlines: Barbara Boxer Forms New Climate Change Task Force (+ audio)   UNFCCC Headlines: World’s richest nations ‘failing’ to address climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: California More Than Doubles Solar Energy In 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: ‘Solar light bulbs’ illuminate homes in typhoon-hit areas   UNFCCC Headlines: NY in $1bn boost to solar   UNFCCC Headlines: Korea Exchange wins bid to host nation's carbon trading   UNFCCC Headlines: Top Global Emitter China Best on Climate Change, Figueres Says   UNFCCC Headlines: Fossil fuel giants face "climate stress test" call at UN summit   UNFCCC Headlines: Climate Change Clouds Philippines’ Dream of Rice Self-Sufficiency   UNFCCC Headlines: Liberia: Network of Climate Change Practitioners Launched in Zwedru   UNFCCC Headlines: US heavyweights unite to establish economic cost of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: After years of decline, U.S. carbon emissions rose 2 percent in 2013   UNFCCC Headlines: Ban calls on world for more resources to end conflicts, spur development, counter climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon Trading   UNFCCC Headlines: Global warming and energy – intertwined problems in Africa   UNFCCC Headlines: 110 MW Concentrated Solar Energy Power Plant Being Developed In Chile   UNFCCC Headlines: Giant California Solar Star power plant enters service   UNFCCC Headlines: WFES 2014 to push for more efficient energy choices   UNFCCC Headlines: Asia-Pacific leading the world on carbon emissions trading (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Hydro, wind power booms in Philippines in 2014   UNFCCC Headlines: Bloomberg: Global carbon market set for 15 per cent upturn   UNFCCC Headlines: Executives shown a fresh perspective on sustainability   UNFCCC Communication: LSO/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: OMN/COM/1 E   UNFCCC Communication: SLV/COM/3 E   UNFCCC Communication: AUS/COM/6 E   UNFCCC Communication: BIH/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: LBR/COM/1 E   UNFCCC Communication: KIR/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: YEM/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: TTO/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Communication: HTI/COM/2 E   UNFCCC Headlines: Is China really committed to addressing climate change?   UNFCCC Headlines: American biologist wins Spanish award for climate change research   UNFCCC Headlines: Cities 'must adapt' to climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: How Will Investors React To Climate Change?   UNFCCC Headlines: Pertamina unveils world’s first clean energy skyscraper in Jakarta   UNFCCC Headlines: Parliament, Commission set for clash over 2030 clean energy goals   UNFCCC Headlines: China mulls national pollution permit trading system   UNFCCC Headlines: Deutsche Bank Lifts Global Solar Forecasts   UNFCCC Headlines: Senators look to revive climate debate in U.S. Congress   UNFCCC Headlines: Scientists issue drought warning   UNFCCC Headlines: EU makes carbon pollution more expensive   UNFCCC Headlines: EU urges Jamaica to act now to mitigate effects of climate change   UNFCCC Headlines: Don't shoot the climate change messenger (opinion)   UNFCCC Headlines: Solar Energy to Power Iconic Vegas Welcome Sign   UNFCCC Headlines: Cash Buffer Lures Risk Averse to India Solar Auction   UNFCCC Headlines: Australia has 2m small-scale renewable systems, says Clean Energy Regulator   UNFCCC Headlines: Carbon markets to rise out of ashes   UNFCCC Headlines: China's state utilities move on preferential rules in carbon offset market   UNFCCC Headlines: UN urged to recognize benefits derived from mountain regions as essential for sustainable development   UNFCCC Headlines: Emissions will soar after 2020 without oil-sector regulation, federal report says   UNFCCC Headlines: Big industry will quit Germany if green energy costs rise -minister   UNFCCC Headlines: Big four EU economies seek tougher cuts in gas emissions   UNFCCC Headlines: Caribbean Sun Powers Flagship Haiti Hospital, And Then Some   UNFCCC 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South Tarawa — Over 37,000 mangrove seedlings have recently been planted on the islands of Aranuka, Butaritari, Maiana, Makin and in North and South Tarawa.

The seedlings were planted through an activity funded by KAPII (Kiribati Adaptation Program Phase II) under the supervision of the Government of Kiribati’s Environment and Conservation Division.

Turang Favae, Acting Biodiversity and Conservation Officer at the Environment and Conservation Division says, "First and foremost it contributes to the building of coastlines and protects our shores against coastal erosion."

Mangroves, although considered a ‘soft’ option when compared to seawalls, can be one of the most effective forms of coastal protection that in addition provide a range of other benefits.

"We see mangroves as an important habitat for marine life that use the mangroves as their homes. In that sense mangrove ecosystems are important to the marine species that we depend on for our livelihoods," says Mrs. Favae. "They also contribute to the natural carbon dioxide cycle, act as buffers to storm surges and sea sprays and help filter nutrient runoff from land as mangrove roots absorb these nutrients and reduce pollution impacts on the sea."

Dr. Helene Jacot Des Combes, of the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, sees mangroves as a coastal protection option that can go beyond government and into the hands of the people.

"It is a solution that is not as costly as others and it can be done by the community, there is no real maintenance required and it profits the community by providing extra food and fire wood," says Dr. Jacot Des Combe.

Community involvement in the planting is indeed central to the planting programme implemented in Kiribati confirms Mrs. Favae. "The importance of engaging the community is to gain their full support in the management of the mangroves themselves. We encourage and practice mangrove planting with communities, youth groups and school students so they can see the importance of planting and gain a sense of ownership to look after and manage the mangroves."

The Government of Kiribati has long recognised the importance of healthy coastal ecosystems and well managed coastal protection. Mangrove planting is seen to support these national aims that are outlined in both the 2008-2011 Kiribati Development Plan (KDP) and the 2006-2010 Kiribati National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan (NBSAP).

"To replant native plants contributes to the renewal of the ecosystem. When planting is successful it has impacts both on the protection of the coast and also for food security by providing more fish and crabs for the community,"says Dr. Jacot Des Combe.

In Kiribati mangroves are also culturally important as they are utilised as a source of building materials, dye and medicine. Yet one issue encountered has been barnacles that have caused the destruction of smaller seedlings, particularly in South Tarawa.

Mrs. Favae has long been concerned about this issue. "It appears there is not much we can do about the barnacles, as it has been suggested their presence is linked to sea water salinity levels."

Regardless of the obstacles faced, the program has proved successful with the majority of seedlings planted now growing towards becoming healthy mature plants.

Perhaps most importantly public awareness of the importance of mangroves is growing in Kiribati. To lead by example, the President of Kiribati himself recently planted mangroves alongside local youths in South Tarawa.

Through her experience in the Outer Islands, Mrs. Favae knows that "community support is essential to the sustainability of mangroves." The significance of this cannot be understated, as mangrove planting is a climate adaptation strategy that truly places the ability to act into the hands of the people of Kiribati.

The Government of Kiribati KAPII project is supported by the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility, AusAID and the New Zealand Aid Programme. The key goal is to reduce Kiribati’s vulnerability to climate change, climate variability and sea level rise.