Namibian Government Ministries have agreed with Global Environment Facility and its Implementing Agencies (the European Union and NGO community to spearhead the Country Programme Partnership (CPP) Framework, which comprises a suite of interventions to address the underlying causes of land degradation in Namibia.

  • National Communication (NC)

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    Key Vulnerabilities
    • Public Health
    • Fisheries
    Potential Adaptation Measures

    Agriculture and Food Security

    • Educational & outreach activities to change management practices to those suited to climate change
    • Switch to different cultivars
    • Improve and conserve soils
    • Develop new crops

    Water Resources

    • Decrease water demands, e.g. by increasing efficiency, reducing water losses, water recycling, changing irrigation practices
    • Develop and introduce flood and drought monitoring and control system
    • Reduce water pollution

    Coastal Zones and Marine Ecosystems

    • Develop planning/new investment requirements
    • Research/monitor the coastal ecosystem

    Contribute to the ALM: Submit an Assessment