National adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) provide a process for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to identify priority activities that respond to their urgent and immediate needs to adapt to climate change – those for which further delay would increase vulnerability and/or costs at a later stage. The following summarizes the NAPA for Bangladesh.

####Climate Related Hazards####

* Flooding (flash)
* Salt water intrusion
* Changes in river morphology/loss of water bodies
* Coastal zone inundation
* Drought and low flows

####Main Human Vulnerabilities and Livelihood Impacts####

* Reduced agricultural production
* Reduced fishery productivity
* Water shortage and/or groundwater depletion
* Flooding
* Increased disease and/or other health problems
* Infrastructure damage
* Food security
* Income generation

####Priority Adaptation Projects####
1. Reduce climate change hazards through coastal afforestation with community participation
2. Provide drinking water to coastal communities
3. Build capacity for integrating climate change risks into water management institutions
4. Disseminate information on enhanced disaster & health risks due to climate change
5. Construct flood information and assistance centre & flood shelters in major flood plains
6. Mainstream adaptation to climate change into policies & programmes in various sectors
7. Include climate change issues in secondary & tertiary educational curriculum
8. Enhance resilience of urban infrastructure & industries to climate change
9. Develop adaptation actions for each ecological region & disseminate knowledge on eco-specific climate change impacts
10. Promote research on drought, flood & saline varieties of crops
11. Promote adaptation of coastal crop agriculture
12. Adaptation of agriculture systems in areas prone to flash flooding - Northeast & Central Regions
13. Adaptation of fisheries in areas prone to flash flooding in the Northeast & Central regions through adaptive & diversified fish culture practices
14. Culture salt-tolerant fish in coastal areas
15. Explore options for insurance to cope with enhanced climatic disasters

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